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Different side of view with Owens

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    Originally posted by rogue719
    Based on need. Rod Smith is getting older and we haven't got any other receivers that have shown the ability to both get separation and consistently catch the ball, particularly in traffic. Owens brings that to the table. Also, Owens might not be interested in a gutter team that will pay the big bucks if he also doesn't have a chance to play in the big dance. Arizona will never get him there. He wants the bucks but he more than that wants the chance to strut on a large stage, a world-wide stage. It's that larger than life ego of his.
    Pray tell the difference between Rod and to.

    to's DOB is 12/07/1973
    NFL Experience: 10
    TOTAL 142 128 716 10535 14.7 91 101 158 40 493
    *****G***GS*#**yards**avg*lg*TD +20 +40 1st downs
    TOTAL 159 134 754 10331 13.7 85 62 132 21 510
    Rod's DOB 05/15/1970
    NFL Experience: 11
    Three years older big deal with the way Rod takes care of himself.

    Rod is a leader to is a divider.

    This is no brainer as long as Rod wants to play he has a job in DEN.

    Would you really rather have to over Rod for a year or two?
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