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Kubiak to be the Texans new HC?

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  • Kubiak to be the Texans new HC?

    Hey, as a Broncos and a Texans fan (I know, I know, they stink like old dirty gym socks this year, but it's the only live football I get in Houston), I've been hearing rumors that Kubiak is high up in the running to be the new head coach for the Texans.

    Everyone in Houston is convinced that Casserly and Capers will be GONE at the end of this season (and well deserve to be), and I was just curious what the folks in my old hometown would think about Kubiak leaving the Broncos to take over the HC position?

    Honestly, I and a bunch of other fans think that it's just what the hapless Texans need.

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    No Mike Martz will be there head coach next year!!!!!!!!!


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      Mike Martz? Jeebus, I hope Bob McNair isn't THAT stupid. I know I don't want any washed up old coaches coming out of retirement (though Jimmy Johnson for GM sounds nice), or any that have been shuffled from team to team for ever and a day. It's still a fairly new organization, and we desperately need some new blood.


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        I think it's an extreme possibility.

        This was mentioned alot back when the Texans started up. At least in Denver.

        Kubiak lives in Houston, and would love a chance to become a Head Coach, especially in his hometown.

        Wether the Texans organization want him is another matter, but I recall he was high on the list from the start. Dont really see why that would change considering the Broncos offense as been near the top for quite a while now.

        Not too sure if I give Kubiak THAT much credit for our offensive success, but seeing as he's the Coordinator, he gets the credit..........

        Wouldnt suprise me.


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          now you gotta wonder, would that really be so bad for us?
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            I think so.We lose a mastermind to our offense.
            Darrent Williams #27 R.I.P


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              Originally posted by MoFo_JoRo
              now you gotta wonder, would that really be so bad for us?
              If Kubiak leaves (which he probably will), we are fine. I can't imagine anyone more ready to become an offensive coordinator than running backs coach Bobby Turner. He's long overdue for the job, and he almost went to the Saints for it this offseason.
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