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    Originally posted by DenverBroncosJM
    Can anyone name one thing Moss did this year in Oakland that might cause someone to say he is an ass?

    I can't.
    Give it time!!He is already un-happy there,,its brewing!


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      I wouldn't mind it. Of course, it would mean a heck of a chunk of the Denver salary cap.
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        I like Moss, I think he gets a raw deal from the media. He is not nearly as bad as TO and just as talented. I would love to see him on the Broncos, and I think if he's in a good situation like we have here, we would not see any problems out of him. We just need to keep him away from IHOP.


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          I have always been a fan of Randy Moss, all the way back at Marshall. He is a special player, however, he has been dealt a raw deal throughout his career. Minnesota misused him... "the randy ratio" may be the dumbest thing ever. And Oakland really didn't need him, (See Porter in Denver last winter). I understand that as professionals you should always put out, but if your leadership doesn't give you good reason to believe in the 'cause,' than I would feel disinterested in my organization too. Bring him to Denver, for the love of God, get him here! Maybe one of our two first rounders, he's worth it.


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            I would like Moss on our team, he would be awesome because he would be in a winning organization and be getting lots of balls to him, especially when Rod retires, Moss is the go to guy.

            Moss has not caused any, ANY poblems in Oakland, except that marijuana thing.
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              moss would suffer in denvers offense .. jake really doesnt hav a fun for a arm.. i like moss but he would complain way to much here..
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                I hope this means that TWO, is not comming
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                  Originally posted by Sts_Angel78
                  I was reading an article about Moss and they "flirted" with the idea of Moss becoming a Bronco. Do you guys think that would be a bad thing?

                  I thinks its a no go. Even after Shanahan gets the team back under the cap we still would not have enough to pay Moss.
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