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Foget about TO--we WANT chad johnson!!!!!!!!!!

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    Alright if this bs is true and if he did sign with the Broncos DO YOU HONESTLY THINK HE WILL GET AS MANY TOUCHES AS HE'S GETTING IN CINCI?!?!?!!?


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      Well if this is true, do you think we could perhaps do a trade? Bengals really need help in Defense and maybe we can trade some big time names like Lynch, Pryce (If we resign him), Gerrard Warren (If we resign him) and maybe a draft pick or Ashlie Lelie? I think he is a tremendous player and even though he has a mouth it isn't as bad as TOs.
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        That story isn't true...



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          The fight between Johnson and a coach is TRUE...................

          But the liklihood of us getting Chad Johnson is slim to none. CJ had a press conference to refute the story and you know what that means. It DID happen!


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            actually from the press in cincinatti is reporting it. U know there was a fight in the locker room that TO was involved with that was kinda the last straw. I live right next to philly and i remember the local media talking about it but the national was not. And it was true, for some reason maybe the national media doesn't report in house fights. I don't know.
            The second coming of Jesus already happened, it was John Elway.


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              how bout reggie wayne

              I am a long time bronco fan living in Indiana and an forced to watch the colts, but reggie wayne will become a free agent after the season, he would be great to have on the broncos i think, but it will cost lots of money im afraid