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T.O. Thread # 1,246,669-- My theory

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  • T.O. Thread # 1,246,669-- My theory

    Ok, I put this in the rumor mill so people wouldn't get all bent about another T.O. thread... But I just wanted to go on record with my theory so that in the off chance I am right; I can come back with an 'I told you so' thread and gloat a little bit.

    Everyone knows TO met with Shanny right after the season. My theory is that they left that meeting with a verbal agreement in place for him to come to Denver next season, and everything going on in the meantime is window dressing so that no tampering rules are violated.

    If you read around you realize that the league concensus on tampering is that everyone does it, and if you don't you're behind the 8 ball. So I think Shanny wanted to beat all possible bidders to the punch...Which is why he met with T.O. immediately. However, it would be against league rules for them to talk about free agency, so they were technically only talking about trade options. So I say that in that meeting they hammered out some bare bones numbers and a timeline by which things would proceed with T.O. ultimately coming to Denver-- while proceeding so that everything looks legit.

    -That's why it would make sense for Bowlen to come out in the media and say Denver isn't as interested as everyone makes it seem. That's why Rosenhaus has reportedly met with a few other teams... It's all window dressing so that the contract he signs in Denver is legit when all the pieces are in place.

    Those pieces?

    Denver is/was just sitting and waiting until the CBA deal gets done and a salary cap number is finalized. The Broncos can make the necessary cuts to get under the cap, and finally T.O. needs to get cut by Philly so that he is free of any obligations. It all just makes too much sense-- That's why Shanny reportedly was so mad when the media got word of T.O. being in town. That's why Sundquist and Bowlen have both tried to downplay the T.O. talk.

    If #81 ends up in a Broncos uniform next year it wouldn't come as a shock to me... And it would also be further proof in my eyes that tampering is alive and well in the NFL.

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    ur theory is sound enough but shanny would never discuss a deal with him on the first visit. He wants to look at the engine, and give the car a test drive before he even begins to discuss numbers. on the other hand, we dont know how long the meeting was so its possible after a decent length meeting they did discuss some, and its shanny here so anything is possible, but i still dont think so, but if you are right I welcome your i told you so with big arms wide, brother
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      Good Post

      You could be right....



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        You know you could be right on this.

        Bowlen could be doing that, "eh were not to interested in him", but then they come big. Either way I don't want TO.


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          Intrigue at Invesco. I like it.

          Too soon, D-Will, too soon.


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            As far as I know TO has only met with one head coach face to face and that would be Shanahan, I like your theory, sounds like it could be the case.