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    That does make sense, Jake always dissin HIMSELF to broncomaniacs, to see who really agrees with him and who defends him. Great job sherlock!

    The only thing i dont get is why would he put me on ignore, I'm always supporting Jake

    I guess he now knows im a true supporter, what better way to keep track of true supporters than a list? And the only list availiable to bronco posters is an ignore list.........the perfect cover

    I like this detective stuff.
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    dont let him pull dat move on ya, dont let him pull that move.......................oh no dats da move! TOUCHDOWN!!!

    I tried to warn ya.


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      If only this were true...

      I could use his money...

      This has been brought up before.

      All I can say is, if St. Jake were so insecure that he would have to play the role of someone who hates him in order to garner sympathy, then he's got problems alot bigger than anything I could come up with... LOL!!

      Although, I will say, the GREATEST compliment St. Jake could ever receive, is to be known as mtnman.


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        Bravo to this thread.

        My adopted Bronco is Chris Kuper. Huzzah!

        I am the raid leader for this World of Warcraft guild. Yay us!


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          All of a sudden, life takes on a whole new perspective.


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            Like mtnman said he aint Jake, but if he were I'd say Jake is one warped dude. Needing team of shrinks like.