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Reason why Den traded 22nd overall pick

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  • Reason why Den traded 22nd overall pick

    I believe they traded it and got they second and third round pick because they really want LenDale White and they believe that 22nd is too high for him so they needed value for him. Think about it you get him and a third round pick, sounds great but in reality why do we need another Ron Dayne, we dont need another slow RB. What do you guys and ladies think about this.

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    Just because he is big, doesn't mean he's slow.


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      He has always found a way to get out of running the 40. I think he is trying to hide something.


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        I watched all USC games because i live in LA and i WILL tell you he does not have break away speed like the other RBs in the draft.


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          LenDale White is considered to be a power back in the mold of Bettis. He is a great goal line rusher and very good blocker. He averaged over 1,000 and 17 touchdowns in each of his 3 seasons with USC despite splitting time a RB with Bush.

          I live in southern California and although the guy isn't a burner he has great football speed, change of direction skills, and break tackle skills. Carolina has interest in White and might even take him with thier 1st round pick.

          Point is White is an NFL caliber back that could help in the redzone and 3rd and short picking up those tough yards. We have a burner in Bell and White would be a perfect backup to Dayne.

          After trading thier 22nd pick i don't think the Broncos are looking at D. Williams as he probably wont be there in the 2nd round. If Denver is lucky enough to Draft White he can fill that RB depth role in a big way (kinda like Dayne last year).
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