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    Sharpey have you been drinking again? Did you just propose Deltha Oneal and Mike anderson for Ty Law and a First round pick?

    Is this a joke?

    On a positive note it was reported that 10-12 teams were interested in O'neal. I hear we will be lucky to get a late round pick for him. But it is better than nothing.

    I don't believe the patriots are in the business of making us a better team at their own expense.

    I thought you had given this one up. The talent is nowhere near equal, it won't work under the cap, and why would anyone give up a number one pick (much less Ty Law) for the combination of those guys.

    I dont think we can look at the players we don't want anymore and expect other teams to just give us their team for them.


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      Re: Droughns, Law, Draft

      Originally posted by Sharpey
      The resigning of Droughns was a good move. Not only do we keep a tough football player, but we prevent the Raiders from getting him and having to tackle his 230+ pound load 2 times a year (only 2 cuz the raiders aint making the playoffs)...

      Regarding Law, the only way the Broncos should trade for him is if the Pats package a first round pick with him (the Pats have 2 first round picks)...we could give up deltha o'neil and mike anderson or if the stakes are higher and the Pats would be willing to give up more draft picks we could ship out Ashley Lelie...with those extra Pats picks we could move up and get a Sean Taylor or Reggie/Roy Williams, players that actually may make an impact unlike Lelie...Or, we could get Law and trade him since his age may not warrant a big contract...has baltimore resigned McCalister? I know these proposed trades may be a bit over the top, but if the Pats get desperate to deal, we have the depth at RB to give them one and also they could have Oneil to "replace" Law even though Oneil sux...RB and CB are the Pats' needs

      I think the biggest Bronco need is LB and if the broncos stay at no. 24 they should seriously hope that DJ williams falls to them...i also think an Antwan Odom would be awesome at DE, but he may not fall to the second round and i wouldnt take him in the first - reminds me of jason taylor though...i think rashaun woods would be good value in the second round and could be this year's anquain boldin...Donnell Washington, the DE out of Clemson would be a typical Broncos pick in the 3rd round or so

      Regarding corey dillon, i hope the broncos dont go for him, though he seems to be injury free throughout his career...the broncos could use the cap money for other pressing needs like WR, DE, and LB

      Signing Lynch would be good cuz he can actually catch the ball and maybe make an interception, something the Broncos cant seem to do, but it would create so much depth at safety and i dont see the point in that
      Do you think we could pick up randy moss for Adrian Madise while we are at it? And since we need a LB so bad lets get Ray Lewis for Sam Brandon. I think we could use a DE to play opposite of Pryce so lets get Jason Taylor for Jimmy Spencer. the dolphins could use a good backup corner. Just to finish it off lets get Priest Holmes for Gallaway. I think we would be in good shape then.

      A little too much madden lately??????


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        You leave Madden out of this! I just signed Sammy Knight, some no name rookie CB whos rated a 99, and steve smith, so shut up!!


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          I don't think the Broncos can afford to ignore either their Linebackers or Wide Receivers in this draft. That said, my first pick in this draft would be Troupe. The presence of a great pass-catching tight-end can wreak havoc on a defense, and let's face it...Shannon is getting long in the tooth, and even if he returns this year, we still cannot afford to overlook a tight-end with Troupe's potential...
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