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  • Clarett?

    I have read over 30 mock drafts and almost half of them have us taking Maurice Clarett in the 2nd round. I was just wondering if anyone heard something that I didn't. Alot of them also have us taking Jones or Jackson at RB in the 1st, I have to agree, if they fall that far, then we wouldn't have to take a chance on Clarett.
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    no chance in hell he'll be wearin blue and orange


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      Clarett? -Uh No.

      4.6 seconds on the 40...No Orange and Blue for you, Mr Clarett.
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        besides, this guy hasn't even taken a snap yet, and i can tell he's gonna be a selfish cancer. plus, shanny is trying to get more clean image guys on the team, and w/that little scandal he was into, mo clar doesn't fit the bill...

        i'll pass!!!!


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          IF Clarett were in the draft today, I'd want us to get him, especially after we traded O'Neal away. I currently live in Columbus, OH, so the Clarett drama is well reported around here. But with our picks, I'd doubt we'd get him. Besides, the arrogant SOB wants to go in the first round. He hasn't played ball in almost two years. Someone give him a clue. :o