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    "Shannon better watch his back is all I can say," said former teammate Jake Plummer, "I got a mac-10 on the side of my hip and he best not be showin' his face around here 'less I pop about 50 caps in his ass."

    "We's brothers, and you don't let your brothers down," exclaimed Dwayne "Iggy" Carswell, "I moved over for Shannon, man. I mean I went to (offensive) tackle just to make some room at tight end when Shannon decided he was going to play one more season. Who in the (explective deleted) wants to play (explective deleted) tackle!?"

    "I simply can't believe he'd do anything like this. It shows the type of person he really is. He only cares about himself, and not the team. This could be a really big year for us, and he decides to let everyone down by taking the job with CBS. It hurts. It really, really hurts. Shannon, if you're listening to this interview I want you to know one thing. Everywhere you go, everything you do, I want you to know I'm comin for you. It might not be today, and might not be tomorrow, but I promise you...I PROMISE you, I am going to show you the true meaning of pain. I am going to tear you limb from limb. I am going to make you wish you were never born. You remember that, Shannon, you remember that." said Broncos' kicker Jason Elam.

    If that's true(which it's not) i'm gonna turn MY back on the Broncos.

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    Holy Chit that is hilarious I am laughing and was laughing so hard reading this. This is FUNNY


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      that was a joke post from another thread.... why is it here for yet ANOTHER thread about shannon???


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        lol, where the hell did you get this?


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          Originally posted by Dub-DeuceKnight
          Holy Chit that is hilarious I am laughing and was laughing so hard reading this. This is FUNNY
          Glad you liked it. =p

          That was me being a smartass on another thread. Some people actually took it as serious and made new posts about it, like this one. rofl!

          I was responding to how someone posted some crap about Rod Smith being 'pissed' at Sharpe for leaving, and then couldn't give a link to his 'quote'.
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