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Denver Broncos Virtual Trading Cards are Here!

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    Yep... I have Bailey and Smith now as well. Must be the same card for everyone.

    Personally I think it would be better to get random cards as I think it would promote "trading" between users... As it stands, there should be very little trading going on since everyone appears to be getting the same cards. * Hint Hint Admin *

    I too had the problem with the "favorite player" pic. Mike Anderson wasn't working. I'll have to check from home once I get there. Unfortuately, I'm unable to pull up the locker from work

    Nuff said...

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      how do i get bailey?


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        Bailey was yesterday's card. I'm guessing he will be unavailable for a while ( until the player / card rotation rolls around again ).

        nuff said...

        Not as lean & Not as mean.. but damn proud to claim the title of (former) U.S. Marine
        ~DBMAdsf Llaus @T m0 P^~


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          But it said a different card would be available each day of the season.... So I still don't understand how anybody can collect them all. I missed Champ - will that same card come around again - if it won't, who would want to trade it away? I'm confuseled!


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            It will take a while for trading to kick in. The same card is made available to everyone each day, then goes out of rotation for a while. With 53 guys on the roster, that means it will be almost two months before everyone is made available once. Then guys will start being made available a second time, and that's when the trading should start. If you get Champ Bailey twice but miss Al Wilson, you'll probably be looking to trade.

            I hope that helps. Please post additional questions and/or comments, or e-mail them to [email protected].
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              But do we get a secret special surprise for getting them all in the first place??
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                i got Kennedy


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                  ill trade foster
                  Chiefs will own u


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                    So, I'm logged in, it's before midnight & I tried to click on Lynch card to claim him & it shows x0 & won't let me claim any cards for today...what's up with that?


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                      Again - it's happening - I can't get Plummer...?


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                        Originally posted by BlueDamsel
                        Good...Want to hook me up with him too while you're at it?
                        silly girl, dont you read profiles? he's married and has two kids....


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                          i got Nalen


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                            What time do the cards become available each day?
                            Originally posted by boltzpride619
                            What's so funny is seeing all this mess that the Donks and the fans have placed on themselves. Can you say Raiders.

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                            True comedy is observing the Self Imploding Organization that is the Raiders and then asking yourself this question:

                            What separates them (Raiders) from us (Chargers)

                            Answer: Championships.


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                              OK Mr. Site Admin...

                              Would you please answer my questions as I've sent e-mails to the e-mail addresses provided and received no response, and also received no response to the e-mail about the My Broncos Locker application...

                              1) Trading....I've got a guy that I'm trying to trade with, and if he checks his "pending trades" then it shows just "reply" instead of accept or decline. When he clicks on "reply" it takes him to a story page with nothing pertaining to the trading cards.

                              2) Broncos Locker...I have Windows XP SP2 with all the updates, clean of viruses, clean of spyware, and running fine except for this application. It makes no attempt to access the broncos website to download the pictures or trading cards but tells me that I have no internet connection. I have zonealarm on my machine so I know if any application attempts to access the net but this application never even makes the attempt. I have also tried to turn the firewall off and run straight off the cable modem (Yes I know, not smart, but I wanted to make sure it wasn't my firewall). I attempted to contact the programmers and received a half-hearted response of "Wait until the next revision" to get passed firewalls, even after my explaination of how I removed the firewall to prove that it wasn't the issue.

                              I love the Broncos and I think it's great that you brought these applications out for us, but please...if someone has a problem make every attempt to fix it!
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