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Cooper Carlisle is trippin out

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  • Cooper Carlisle is trippin out

    I've opened up my virtual trading card locker or whatever it's called about 3 or 4 times today, and every time I do it says that Cooper Carlisle is available for download, yet I've already downloaded his card. The little "claim now" button is sitting on top of his downloaded card... Anyone else having this problem?

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    Oh yeah, I thought I wasn't awake this morning, cuz I could have sworn I got that card yesterday...LOL!! So you are NOT alone!
    I guess the best thing to do is keep checking back!
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      I got him twice too....guess they messed up? I thought they were supposed to give one out for the first 53 days and then repeat.....
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        Are they going to put another card for today? 10-14?

        Does anyone know if they are going to put a new card up for today? Oct 14th... If they do I hope they leave it up more than a couple hours, for those of us that work in the evening


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          i keep trying to get that card too i hit that button over 300 times and it still said it needs to be down loaded.


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            i've got 2 carlisle's now
            go broncos
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              Cooper Problems!

              I am having the same problem...I downloaded it once and it said "2x" in the corner. Then I came back later and the "2x" was a "1x" and now it says its available for download but it won't let me download it.....its getting rediculous. But I am glad that I am not the only one having the problem...