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  • how to make a trade

    can someone tell me how to trade cards if i want to trade for one?
    it would really help alot

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    thanks Skywalker

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    Sure Hankin. You just start from your portfolio. On the left youll see a Trade Forum botton. Click that and you should be guided thru it. I havent made a trade but ive looked thru there. Good Luck.


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      I think...

      if you click on the 'trade forum' button you end up here. I think you need to click on the 'pending trades' button, then up at the top of the page in the second line click on 'request a trade'? From there it looks pretty easy, just follow the bouncing ball or answer the questions as you go.
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        after reading other threads, it sounds like everyone should wait until all 53 cards have been issued. After that they will re-do the cards so that everyone can trade for what they have missed...but who's to say that there will only be 53 cards and who's to say when we should start trading we will just have to wait and see. Good Luck
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          Your right weyrling, my mistake.
          Also, I think there will be more than 53 cards as there have already been recent additions (it seems) such as Cecil Sapp. With Q gone and Sapp activated, I would figure that there would be at least 54. Also, I'm hoping for a BVP card. Plus, as of today, I now HAVE 53 cards. Didnt they say "A new card every day of the season"?
          A few days ago, I was offered a trade and the Champ card someone wanted is card # 109. The Luther Ellis card is # 134! Why would they number the cards so high if there are only 53 in the set? There may be many more. We shall see.
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