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    Near as I can tell from reading all of the other threads there are only 2 days left and then all of the cards will have been available. The problem I have is that I was just privy to collecting them TODAY!! I have also noticed that there are not a great deal of people collecting these cards which makes it even more difficult for a person like myself that just started to collect them? Can anyone help me to understand how I might trade for new cards, the only card that I have to trade is the 1 card that I have, and if I trade it the I will still have only "1" card??
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    as far as I can tell, after all the cards have been issued, they will put them out again so people can get the ones they missed and do some trading. I believe they will issue all 53 again, I think. Say, how did you get that cool avatar? Good luck with your cards.
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      ok, i want you to put both hands on the sides of the seat you are sitting in and brace yourself.. are you ready?

      are you sure?

      here it comes....

      its not the end of the world, i promise!


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        I do realize that it is not the end of the world, however I also think that this website is a great idea and I think it would be fun to collect all of the cards.
        -We can get there from here-