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I need some cards.

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  • I need some cards.

    If ya wanna trade with me here are the cards I have

    0 1 Alexander, P.J. (card #176)
    0 1 Bailey, Champ (card #109)
    0 1 Elam, Jason (card #103)
    0 1 Elliss, Luther (card #134)
    0 1 Griffin, Quentin (card #63)
    0 1 Herndon, Kelly (card #113)
    0 1 Holland, Darius (card #107)
    0 1 Johnson, Raylee (card #133)
    0 1 Kanell, Danny (card #132)
    0 1 Leach, Mike (card #172)
    0 1 Putzier, Jeb (card #123)
    0 1 Walls, Lenny (card #80)
    0 1 Williams, D.J. (card #77)

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    Hey CP! I just noticed you got several cards. Right on. I knew there were people who would help you.


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      Post what cards you need or else what cards you have now, I've gotten confused and I may be able to help you. I'm just sitting waiting on Trevor Pryce to come around again. So have quite a few doubles.
      ALL the way to the Super Bowl THIS year!


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        Hey man

        Yeah I am glad Somebody traded me a card for like 10 cards and gave me back the card i traded him.


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          It will just better CP. There are several people willing to make it happen here.
          If my little cousin doesnt show up soon, I'll unload a bunch to ya. He keeps telling me he's gonna come join, but I still dont see him.
          I gotta try for family first bud, but I wont give him forever, lol.
          Keep with it!


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            We got you covered!

            I have a bunch of the cards you could use. I am just waiting for 2 more cards. When i get those. I will make sure to give you as many as I can. Have a great day!


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              check out my list of cards (extras) to see if you could use any. i have a complete set so i will trade for whatever u dont need.
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