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Anyone else having problems trading?

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  • Anyone else having problems trading?

    I was just curious if anyone else was having problems initiating trades or if it is just me? Maybe I am doing something wrong but it seems pretty self explainitory as to trading.


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    Yes, it says it cannot find a valid username everytime I try to trade. What gives?


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      I found I couldn't complete a trade while another one was pending, even though it was for different cards. It was as if the program didn't trust you to manage your cards properly, and thought you would trade away a card you didn't have.

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        trouble trading

        You did notice that it is case sensitive? Also I tried to trade the other day and had trouble because the name actually had a line in it that didn't show. When I tried to send a private message to them I noticed it. Click on their name and see how it appears in the email.
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          I discovered the reason...I use the Firefox browser and for SOME crazy reason, you can't trade on it! I tried IE and it worked. When I tried to trade with a user on Firefox, it lets me select the cards I want to trade, and insert the username, but when I click next, it does not show the other user's cards, just has the message box. Admins, you might want to fix this!! It has been extremely frustrating trying to figure this out!!!

          Anyway, I got it working and should have the card I need soon. Everything worked fine in IE. Thanks anyway for the tips guys.


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            Cant make trades

            I have mad various attempts to make trade offers and unable to, don't know why. So if anyone can make offers to me please do so.......Thanks.


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              I have the same problem, it always says the other person's user name is invalid and I know I'm typing it right. Also when it does recognize the persons' name, some times it won't let me pick which cards I want.


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                I have not been able to initate trades, however could accept them. I got some green page when I tried to initiate, dont remember what it said.

                Also, in one trade, I traded seven cards for one and somehow, it took an eighth card from me that wasnt in the trade. I got it back, but I now fear trading as it might again leave me with an incomplete set as it did before.

                So yeah, there are problems with trading, lol.