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2005 rookie cards

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  • 2005 rookie cards

    Is there anyway to get the 2005 rookie cards. I was gone all summer and just got back. They show up but it says I don't have them.Could someone explain this please

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    In order to "have" them, you needed to download them into your portfolio.

    Question; You can see them? Can you click on them and see the larger two sided image for each card? I ask this, because at the moment, for the 2005 regular set, many of us can see the Mike Anderson, and view the larger image, but cannot download it into the portfolio.

    I am assuming it's some sort of technical glitch or something.

    As for getting them now, I dont know how lucky you will be in that. Several of us did download the six card set, but alot of people didnt. I got all I was able to, but have already promised all my extras to other people.

    Hopefully, there is someone out there who will be willing to trade with you and get you that set, once the trading starts to work again.


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      RE Rookies

      Yes they r there can see em and the backs . It just says "0" instead of "1" same with Mike Anderson. I can play the video of his card butit says "0" too. Hmmmmmmmmmm