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    Originally posted by Jaws
    Lol ! Well you better buy yourself a good bottle of deodorant then, as it's going to be one long, smelly week!
    I got a good brand, called Shark Repellant

    Only problem is it washes off in the water
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    Maybe Slowick should pay attention


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      Originally posted by Jaws
      LMAO Reidman! Very sharp and observant - especially considering it's the day after another victory. Didn't you have a week long hangover last week? Getting used to the winning ways by now perhaps?!!!
      You can't have a hangover if your still high from the win!
      Ask me at the end of the week though.

      And yes I am getting used to it. Hope it stays that way.


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        Originally posted by joeyrockwell
        This is for football Reidman but can see how someone could take I came, I saw, I conquered out of context. Sorry but my mind is on Broncos football and winning.
        Touchy?? Yes - in this area very
        Aw Joey, I was just playin - an inside joke with Jaws.