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  • Jwinn

    If cards are not posted daily how can I get the cards? I understand you are not doing this anymore but I would like to have some trading cards for my locker, hook a fellow bucking bronco rider out. Much love to everyone here at and Travis Henry run these hatters over. From the boys in Denver. and give it up for the Mile High.

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    Nothing gets posted until training camps/preseason.

    Give it a chance.
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      Well, this is how the cards work.

      WHen the sets come out, they ARE daily. For instance, when the 53 card set comes out during the regular season, a new card is available everyday of the regular season.

      So we just have to wait for that set to start up.

      Now any extras I have I would be glad to trade to you, but you HAVE to have something to trade back. That's just how the system works. It wont let me just put something into your portfolio.

      It has to be a trade of some kind.

      So like Kappy said, hang in there. We are all in the same boat. Nobody's collecting any Virtual cards here rigt now. Not until the next set comes out.

      Which hopefully will be soon.:thumb:


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        Freeloaders. :nono:


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          Originally posted by xX-Bronco-Xx View Post
          Freeloaders. :nono:
          Oh, dont be harsh. The system doesnt allow freeloaders anyway, so it's no sweat.

          They gotta at least download one in order to play.


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            Okay then.... I am ready to start downloading


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              New Year

              Just wanted to say hey and thanks again for all your great advice on the cards and other questions. Looking forward to another great season. July can never come soon enough. I feel very lucky that we have Mason so that if we can't be at camp then at least we can see it on-line and hear what is going on. Let's Go Broncos I BELIEVE!!. See you on-line, Vickie (The Broncoram)
              I Believe in the Denver Broncos