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Possible Continuation of Program (offsite)

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  • Possible Continuation of Program (offsite)

    Okay, here's the deal...

    I was unable to find someone who could write the script, so we have an option to pay someone to do it and I can keep it running after that. I have all the necessary resources in order to do it.

    If anyone would be willing to chip in to pay someone to write the base script, please do say so and maybe we can keep this baby alive.

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    Here's what's going to happen...

    I have just bought some tutorials on Flash and Flex and now all I have to do is learn and work my way through it.

    What this means is that I will be continuing the Virtual Card program at an offsite location. It'll no longer be associated with the Denver Broncos, instead it will be run by a fan for the fans.
    Hopefully I can get all this knowledge stuffed into my head and have it ready to go by the time the regular season starts. It's a lot of work, but I'm willing and hopefully those here will enjoy it as much as they did the original program.

    The interface layout though will in fact look different and have a different feel to it, but the general idea of how it works will be the same.