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Official Game Day Thread: Week 17 2008 Broncos vs Chargers

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  • Official Game Day Thread: Week 17 2008 Broncos vs Chargers

    Official Game Day Thread: Broncos vs Chargers

    Well here we are again, how the hell did it come to this? 3 game lead, and we can't seal the deal yet? Now the pieces have fell in place for the Dolts. A revenge game on their home turf. A win by us would be twice as sweet, becuase we would have swept them, knocked them from playoff contention and grab us out 4 seed.

    Will that happen? Who knows? At this point everyone is writing our team off saying we were playing over our heads to begin with. So why not go out with a bang and instead of thinking we need to win for the playoffs, lets think we need to be spoilers for the Chargers making the playoffs. The effect is the same, the game mentality is different. You get less conservative and make take chances that could pay off. You get too conservative and you have the reason the Chiefs blew their game against the dolts in amazing fashion.

    We know their is a rivalry here, and we dislike this team and many if not all of their annoying posters here. So lets hope for a Broncos Win and a week of peace and quiet and where we don;t have a bazillion repetitious threads stating the same thing over and over ad naseum (hint hint)

    Win or lose let us hope for a good game with no injuries. We are doing better with our posters behavior, but some still needed a warning. We ask that ALL posters follow the COC and be respectful of the other posters here. If we have to we will ban repeat offenders. Having the profanity filter does not make it ok to post it, you can be banned for trying to use vulgarity, regardless of it it catches, because the INTENT was there.


    If anyone has questions they can contact me or any of the other mods.

    Go Broncos! Looking for 9-7: Lets do this thing finally!
    The Game Day Thread: Year 17 in progress!!! sigpic

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    1st lol, hope we win! GO BRONCOS! :salute!:


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      Oh ya!!!!! Now I am really pumped. You know it's getting close when the "Official gameday" thread goes up.

      I just hope I'm not all rocked out by gametime.


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        I think I'm going to puke.


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          Not game day yet, unless you are on the real East Coast of the USA (Alaska is actually east and west coast due to a couple islands), but what the hell is a half hour between friends?

          Give 'em Hell Broncos! Give me a reason to throw that flag out another week!!!!!!!

          Execute, Execute, Execute!!!!!


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            First of all I promise to behave! I agree Elway if they play like they can spoil the Chargers chances then I think they will play more focused. There is alot to be excited about regardless what some might say. We are 4-3 on the road they are 4-3 at home.

            Alot of new faces in this matchup so it will be whole different game in some ways but not all. I think our Defense is really going to be a factor. I think this will be the week where it is just an Explosion that has been waiting to happen. We got Bailey back, We have DJ back, Dre Bly playing good in Baileys abscense. All players healthy for the most part and playing is a great thing to be able to hear after all we have been through this year.

            Although some of the same concerns still exist for this game as they have all year such as, turnovers have got to be nill, passes need to be completed, O-line will have to keep up the great work,Tackles have to be made instantaneously, and everyone needs to stay in their lanes and not overpursue,Jay needs to check down his recievers and not try to force it into double coverage, if it isn't there throw it away. Now I am just rambling on like I do every week but this is going to be the game that has a chance to show the rest of the world we are for real and the Chargers are who they are 2nd in the division like they have been all year!

            They have a new Defensive Coordinator which could work to our advantage since he wasn't involved in the first game so all he has to go off of is game film so there will be things overlooked and we will make some plays. I am so pumped!



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              I rather be in the underdog side than the favorite. I hope for a great game.

              Even the earth is nervous, we just had an earthquake here in south CA.


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                No fear

                We're gonna piss pound 'em

                Around 600yds total O


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                  Good luck Broncos. Don't be a disappointment again please.


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                    We should do an over/under of how many people get banned this week

                    Do you think more people will get banned if we win? or if we lose though?
                    Probably if we lose people will cuss each other out

                    oh well..... I gotta keep on praying.


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                      I am a Charger fan, but I wish you guys luck at wishing your team luck...

                      It should be a fun game, I hope.

                      I think we'll win, but I think it'll be great fun.


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                        --- GO BRONCOS !!! ---

                        --- STOMP the doltz !!! ---

                        Go Broncos !

                        First possession drive to the end zone shuts up Qualcom !

                        Jump Rhillip Pivers' telegraphs and return a few INTs !
                        Rattle him and he will implode !

                        Guard the ball, win the turnover battle.
                        Concentrate and focus. Hold down the unnecessary penalties.

                        Eat up the clock with 6-7 yd tosses and runs.
                        Try to keep the SD offense off the field as much as possible.

                        Spank 'em Broncos !!!


                        May God Bless all men and women of our Armed Forces, past and present
                        The Only Thing Necessary For The Triumph Of Evil Is For Good Men To Do Nothing
                        My Adopted Bronco is #95 Derek Wolfe


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                          December 28th, 2008...A day which will live in infamy!


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                            Grow some boy !

                            Gay Jay is going down ! Who is you back up QB ?
                            Good Night Now !


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                              Let's Do This!
                              :usa: *** God Bless Our Military Men And Women*** :usa: