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Official Game Day Thread: Week 4 2009 Cowboys vs Broncos

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  • Originally posted by broncos4thewin View Post
    The Broncos did pretty good throughout the game.
    I'm glad they won, it gives me something to brag about to my brother, who loves the Cowboys. That, and since I live in Texas, it only makes it even sweeter walking around with a Broncos cap!

    Keep up this momentum. The heart that was shown playing the game was pretty intense.
    Keep it up Denver!
    Same here live in Texas and it's a proud day for us bronco fans here. PS had to watch it in a room full of Cowboy fans it was not pretty.

    GO 4-0


    • Pretty exciting stuff. 4-0


      • WAR BRONCOS!!!!!

        Great job from the D! Champ was amazing on those last two plays, Doom was great again, Dawkins was fantastic as usual, the whole D was great.

        The offense wasnt that good, but they scored when needed, thanks to Marshall and his amazing catch/moves!!

        WAR BRONCOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        Love having hard hitting Broncos D back! So proud of these boys for doing waht they are doing!

        Ive been a Broncos fan for 24 years and this is the most proud ive been of a team since the Elway/Atwater days!
        Favorite Broncos Ever =
        - Elway
        - Atwater
        - T.Davis
        - Sharpe
        - Ed Mccaffrey
        - Rod Smith
        - Champ Bailey


        • The thing for me is...

          The thing for me is that I don't know if my questions have been answered. I mean, yes. We are 4-0 and I love that. The defense looks solid and they're working on every down. But I still don't KNOW about the Broncos.

          I've watched every week since the season started and I've made every effort not to make any judgments on Kyle Orton yet. Every player deserves a chance, right? I can't say he's done a bad job, per se. I mean...he hasn't gotten us into any situations that would cost us the game. He doesn't throw picks much, though he does occasionally throw a pass that could and should be picked off.

          But at the same time, I can't say I believe in him yet. And I can't say I don't. It's like I'm waiting to see, and I don't know the answer yet.

          It's not really that I'm knocking Orton. He doesn't deserve to have many bad things said about him at this point, IMO. I just have a lot of questions about whether he can get a lot done when there's really a need for HIM to take the game on HIS shoulders.

          Can HE come through? Marshall has, despite all the upheaval that's surrounded him. The defense has.

          Can Orton?

          I don't KNOW.


          • Dan Patrick; "Those pesky Broncos..."

            Do I laugh or flip Mr. Patrick a bird?

            Pesky. Seriously?
            Adopted by: Peanut

            "You find ways to win and certainly you can find ways to's not just dumb luck."
            -Sean Payton


            • Can you imagine the game against the Patriots? They are beating the undefeated teams. But we won't be an easy prey at all. It will be really interesting. :go:


              • Nice Job Broncos, very nice job D. YEAH baby 4-0 doesnt it feel good? :salute!:
                GO Broncos!!