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Official Game Day Thread: Week 13 2009 Broncos vs Chiefs

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  • Official Game Day Thread: Week 13 2009 Broncos vs Chiefs

    Well the Giants were nice enough to help end Denver's four game skid. That gives us a record of 7-4 and currently the first Wild Card slot.

    Jags/ Steelers/ Ravens all hold at 6-5 but the Steelers/Ravens have us in a tie breaker should we end up with the same record, so we have to keep winning now.

    KC won't be a cake walk, far from it. This team can rise to the challenge as the Steelers found out 2 weeks ago and Denver has had rough times there in December:


    To avoid an upset at Arrowhead -- the Broncos are favored by 4 to 4 1/2 points for one of the few times this season -- keeping Kyle Orton healthy is paramount. There has been much talk about how the Broncos regained their swagger against New York, but they have to make sure they didn't lose it during their long break and upcoming short road trip.

    I would think all McDaniels has to do to get his players' attention this week is mention how the Broncos are 1-17 lifetime in December games at Kansas City; 1-12 at Arrowhead Stadium. Dan Reeves and Mike Shanahan went a combined 0-11 in December games in Arrowhead. Even the Broncos' lone December win in Arrowhead, in 1994, was bittersweet -- it was the last for Wade Phillips as Broncos coach.
    It won't be easy but it can be done. The Chiefs are like the skins, they have nothing to lose by playing the upset card. If Denver can stay focused like last week an not shoot ourselves in the foot we should be ok. We have Killer games with Indy & Philly ahead, but we cannot afford to look past any team.

    Past 14 seasons we went 6-8 in our 12th game of the season.

    Lets hope for a good game with the D being in full force and Orton moving the chains. As always we ask all to follow the COC. Avoid profanity and report any trolls. (esp Charger trolls)

    Thank you. GO BRONCOS!!!
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    Playoffs or bust, the journey continues! :orton:


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      Lets keep a firm hold on that wildcard spot


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        Sitting in a KC hotel, can't wait to head to the game! i want to see Orange and Blue drown out that ugly (Mickey D's) Red and Gold! First time going to a Broncs game and want to see a can of whoop @$$ opened up on um!!!

        GO BRONCS!!!!!!:go::orton::go:
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          I hope Josh McDaniels starts an epic winning % against the Chiefs tomorrow.


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            Let's play some clean, crisp, intelligent football. Let's execute and score some points!


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              LET'S GO ORANGE AND


              Let's play smart, intelligent, and no turnover football.


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                I have a really good feeling about this game..of course I had the same feeling about the Washington game and we know what happened there.

                "WHAT BRONCOS NEED TO DO TO WIN"

                - RUN BABY RUN: Moreno should have a big game, like 150 yards, because of how he ran last week gives me a good feeling about him tearing up the weak KC Run D.

                - BEAST: We should see BMarsh also have a big game, and the more of those he has the more likely he is signed to a long term deal before the end of the season.

                - SPECIAL IMPACT: We have to win the ST battle because this is the strength of KC..I'm hoping for big run back by Mr. Royal Treatment

                - KEEP CASSEL IN CHECK: If we can keep the pressure on Cassel then we can keep up the good work on the D-side of the ball. I don't expect them to be able to run on us and having to turn to passing early means Doom should have another big day.

                Broncos: 31
                KC: 13


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                  The Broncos are back to release the PAIN!!!!! The Chiefs are going to DROP!!!! The sky will darken and the Orange fire will lighten the heavens, as the fury of THE BRONCOS will be UNLEASHED!!!!!! BRONCOS BABY!!!!! YOU CANT STOP WHAT CANT BE STOPPED!!!!
                  SOMEBODY!!! ANYBODY!!!! GIVE ME A MILE HIGH SALUTE!!!!


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                    --- Go Broncos !!! ---


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                      The Chiefs have a cause to play for with the halftime honors. We also have our cause to play with the passing of our ultimate fan. I am sure Tim is up in heaven thinking of ways to help the Broncos to victory tomorrow.

                      WIN IT FOR TIM!!

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                        I am completely confident that the Broncos can run the table on the rest of the season. They need to show up and I think they will. This is going to be a test of what this team is all about. We will see. If we win this one I think it will be a blowout, but KC is always tough to play as we all know. I think/hope we learned a lesson on what not to do in our four game slide and I think these guys will bring it. :salute!:

                        Rest in peace Tim, our thoughts are with you and your family!
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                          be back @ 1 here we go baby here we go!!!!!!


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                            Dukes picked KC over Denver for upset of the week.



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                              I'm more afraid of the KC crowd than the team. If we can score and get a turnover early we keep them from egging on the crowd.

                              We need to give Moreno to football and NOT turn it over. They're mistake prone and we need to capitalize quickly on any turnover opportunity. I'm looking at YOU Goodman! You coulda had 3 picks last week and wound up with one.

                              This should be more comfortable that I believe we've been touted. Broncos 28 Chiefs 13.