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Official Game Day Thread: Week 4 2010 Broncos vs Titans

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  • Yet another stellar passing performance by Kyle Orton, showing that he does in fact possess the ability to be a clutch performer when the game’s on the line. Our defense did what it had to against a strong rushing attack. Our special teams had some nice plays of their own, including the fumble recovery to help put the game on ice. A few rookies showed up today as well.

    One thing that concerns me is our lack of a running game. I understand that without Moreno, it’s going to be a bit of a struggle that we’ll have to battle through until his return. However, the few rushing yards that we managed to muster isn’t all that grand of a stat. I love the way Orton is carrying us through the air, but I’d also love to see some more of our ground game that I know is just as effective when healthy.

    But alas, we won in a tough environment against a very solid and aggressive foe in the Titans. Their pass rushers were relentless, but Orton and company held firm and pulled out the win. Go Broncos!
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    • Man that was a very intensive game.

      Can't believe how well we shutdown Johnson

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      • Great win. Still need to work on run game tho..


        • Now with a 2-2 record it seems the season is going prettty well so far.
          Goodgame yesturday boys, lets bring the heat again against the ravens to make us 3-2


          • Just got back from the road trip to see the game, these are my brief points --

            1. Sorry there werent' more photos and comments/tweets (like I said earlier in the thread). I was getting terrible coverage sitting with a concrete cover over our seating area (which were sweet seats!).

            2. D.T. looked huge in person. So did Tebow.

            3. Orton looked even better in person than on TV. He was on fire -- nothing to complain about him on this day.

            4. The crowed really felt angry and cheated. That was somewhat of a bizarre finish, and one they had to swallow a lot on.

            5. Here's a photo of me and my wife before the game: