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Official Game Day Thread: Week 4 2010 Broncos vs Titans

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  • Official Game Day Thread: Week 4 2010 Broncos vs Titans

    Well here we are in Week 4 coming of a horrible loss tot he Colts.
    Our Red zone inability cost us the game. Our run game is flat out horrible.
    Peyton Manning being as good as he is, picked on our CB and scorched Cox in utter humilation. The rest of our D did manage to hold up rather well I thought.

    The Giant played the Colts and the Colts ran all over them.
    We then played the Colts and were great at stopping their run game.
    The Giants then played the Titans and again has a hard time with the run.
    Now we face the Titans a week later... hoping to be able to stop the run game.

    Titans are a much improved team since the 2nd half of last years.
    We of course of 9-10 since the beginning of last season.
    Worse yet we are 3-10 in our last 13 games. That is flat our horrible.

    The passing game has come to life with Lloyd, Thomas and Gaffney.
    The D is looking pretty good over all barring some miscues by Cox.
    The vaunted run attack of our seems to be a thing of the past.

    This is McDaniels first attempt at leading us against the Titans.
    Shanny was 2 for 2 beating them.

    The Titans D is good, I am hoping Ortin and the game plan can exploit them while shutting down Chris Johnson and containing Vince Young, sometime you focus so hard on one thing and the QB breaks containment for a big run.

    Hoping we end the day with a "W" and start to have the pieces come together.

    As always we hope for a safe game. Watch what you post, streaming links are not allowed, do not try to post profanity or go around the filter. Report anyone who violates the COC and let a moderator handle it. Feel free to contact any of us with questions.

    GO BRONCOS! :orton: Bring us a "W" I know I could use it!
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    Lets goooo!!!
    Now go get your shine box


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        this would be a nice road win for them!!
        Now go get your shine box


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          Need some momentum boys, let's bring the rain! GO DENVER


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            Another early game...

            GO BRONCOS!!

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              Let's see some magic fellers. We can pull out a win if we can stop the run. Hopefully Ayers will be as much of a beast tomorrow as he was last week.
              I'm done with this team until they're done with Josh.


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                Let's GO BRONCOS!!!!!

                Let's even up that record boys! 2-2 by 2:00pm tomorrow.
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                  As always... meet us in the chatroom....



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                    Broncofanboy's keys to the game

                    -STAY FOCUSED AND PREPARED ON THE RUN and im not just talking about Chris Johnson. We gotta be prepared for a lot of running. Vince Young is not a very good throwing QB. He's a scrambler and he does very well there. Use more plays that are better against the run.

                    Like I said, Young isn't good at throwing. he isn't bad, but he's no peyton manning. The Titans don't have good WR's. Cox should be fine this game. (who's their best WR? Kenny Britt? Justin Gage?)

                    JASON MCCOURTY OUT
                    The Titans have had a great pass defense this season. however, with mccourty out, we can pick on whoever is starting for Tennessee here. and we don't have to throw to Cortland Finnegan.

                    Go Broncos

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                      Orton will have a plethora of options and will easily defeat the Titans. 14 points is too much for VY to overcome.


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                        All right Broncos let's leave Tennessee with a victory!

                        Going to sleep and when I wake up it will be game day!! I'm always a little nervous and excited the night before the game!


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                          I can not wait til the game starts. Gonna wear my new Tom Jackson jersey for goodluck. 2-2 here we come!



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                            Let's hope that the Broncos continue to heal up and we can old on to keep track with the wacky AFC West.

                            A win here 2-2 and keep getting healthy.

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                              Gotta Work Today! But heart is still with them and 850 KOA will be screaming soundwaves as I drive around LODO!! GO BRONCOS!!!!