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Gameday Thread - Preseason game 1: Broncos @ Dallas

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  • Originally posted by KO8pectate View Post
    no the starting offense which the goal is to make less one dimensional so

    40 rushing and 37 passing equal a nice start to balancing out the offense
    First drive may not of been there if Dware brings down the very first play for a pick six!


    • Tebow turns in solid preseason opener

      Posted by Gregg Rosenthal on August 11, 2011, 10:45 PM EDT

      Here’s how Cowboys preseason analyst Babe Laufenberg introduced Tim Tebow Thursday night:

      “I have never seen a QB more inaccurate during warmups in my life than Tebow,” Laufenberg said. “Throwing against air.”

      Tebow looked a lot more accurate when the game started. Playing as the No. 2 quarterback, Tebow completed 6-of-7 passes for 91 yards. The numbers were very good, but the Broncos scored only six points in his four drives, the last field goal on a drive that went backwards.

      There were some spotty moments. Tebow had an interception overturned by penalty and he tried to run too quickly too often. A few Broncos drives ended on Tebow runs that came up short. He also took a vicious sack.

      Still, this was a confidence building performance overall by Tebow. He made a perfect 43-yard strike between the hashmarks to Matt Willis. His passes were on point.

      Broncos starter Kyle Orton only played one drive. The Broncos drove 74 yards on 13 plays, with Orton completing two passes for 37 yards. Denver nicely used Knowshon Moreno and Willis McGahee seemingly every other play when the starters were on the field. The Broncos settled for a field goal after getting cute calling a fade pattern on the goal line before a penalty.

      (A long Orton drive ending in a field goal. It’s like Josh McDaniels never left.)

      It’s probably too late for Tebow to challenge Orton for the starting job for Week One. (Orton did nothing to help Tebow Thursday.) If Tebow could string together a few good preseason games, however, Orton would be on a shorter leash when the games count.


      • Originally posted by Buckin' Bronco View Post
        based on what? The guy had a chance to score in the red zone and didn't do it. His completion percentage was awful and he didn't do anything noteworthy.
        Lol really dude a completion percentage on 1 drive and 6 passes? Thats a sweet argument. Throw stats out in a preseason game they mean nothing. Half of Ortons incompletions were throw aways, and the "almost pick 6" was a good play by Ware, he read the play. On quick screens the QB isn't reading much of anything, snap and dump to the WR. Ware read the play, good for him. Take out those 3 and he is 2 of 3.

        Orton is the QB until Tebow or Quinn knock him off, Tebow is nowhere near. And Tebow won't be the guy until he learns to freaking go to the 2nd read. Quinn is closer to knocking Orton but he won't do it, won't be given a chance.

        Please explain to me what Tebow did tonight to deserve to be the man.


        • Originally posted by Jay3 View Post
          He had one other really good third down pass. Clutch for the first down.

          The rest were that dink and dunk they seem dead set on calling for him to do.
          If that is the weakest part of his game, he needs to showcase that he can do it. I don't think anyone questions his deep ball but it has been said around here more than once, this isn't Madden, he has to show he can play like a real NFL QB. More power to him IMO.


          • Originally posted by Broncoholic3233 View Post

            Orton hate. Love it.

            He'll be the starter, you guys can keep hating. He was fine. Penalties in RZ, then we didn't run it at all.
            Orton will lead Denver to 3-10 again. He is a mediocre QB and always has been.


            • ^ JC got it

              Defense wins championships


              • Tebow Fanboiz -- If you didn't see the game, he was kind of sketchy.

                I'm doing you a favor here -- there is no greater Tebow homer than me. I watched the game. If you didn't get a chance to see it for yourself, you need to know this from someone who's not trying to bring Tebow down:

                1. Tebow put up a great stat-line, but he looked the sketchiest, the shakiest of all three quarterbacks.

                2. He was getting poor protection. This is a problem. No time.

                3. Didn't look like a lot was open. Tebow doesn't like to force the ball. He's very protective of it usually. So it made him look kind of hesitant back there. I don't know -- it's like they've hobbled him.

                4. He had one interception that was called back. The main thing about it is he got blown up and hit as he threw it. But he should not have pulled the trigger. He did not have time to get it off. The ball tumbled end-over-end into a defender's arms. (Pass interference nullified the INT).

                5. He had one BEAUTIFUL 43 yard completion to Matt Willis.

                6. He had one CLUTCH 3rd down throw to Anderson. Looked good.

                7. He threw only one "what was that!" type throw -- at the feet of a receiver out so his left. His bad ones are always short throws to the sides of the field.

                8. There was on hilarious play where Tebow scrambled round forever, over the line of scrimmage, then back, then back over, then he threw the ball. 3 penalties on Denver, all declined.

                9. Broncos had the ball on the 6, Tebow breezed in for the TD. But called back for holding.

                Most importantly -- Quinn looked the best of the night. No lie.


                • We have 90 ppl on our roster, pre-season is only about weeding out and seeing what you have with the players on your team before you cut down to the final 53. PS games W/L mean nothing at all

                  The worst team ever 07? Lions went 0-16 and went 4-0 in pre-season, no bearing what-so-ever on your true final team.

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                  • Quick! What was our last preseason record? Exactly.

                    But i see what you are saying. It's player evaluation time.


                    • Originally posted by Broncoholic3233 View Post

                      Orton hate. Love it.

                      He'll be the starter, you guys can keep hating. He was fine. Penalties in RZ, then we didn't run it at all.
                      maybe the coaching staff intentionally threw in the redzone to see if orton can get it done, even in preseason........Yup same ol orton 3 imcomplete passes in the redzone. Orton did not look sharp today anyone who disagrees.....well we'll just lol


                      • Originally posted by Starbroncs View Post
                        Kinda sounds like a whole lot more orton excuses just like the same ones we have heard since you orton homers have arrived day 1. He flat out doesnt get it done in clutch situations.

                        I agree orton shouldnt have been passing the ball on 1st and goal on the 1 but that doesnt really help your stance on him being good in the redzone, since if a rb got it in it wouldnt have meant orton was any better in the redzone anyway.

                        Orton has choked on 3rd down and in the redzone ever since he stepped foot in denver and im tired of it. He could be a good option at qb on a team that doesnt need someone great back there. As thats all hes good at, not making mistakes and helping the offense.

                        However he never has been and probably never will be the type of qb that can make those miracle plays in the closing minute of a game during a playoff game. If we had a great defense and running game to control a game and we could just let orton be orton and throw the ball 20 times a game where he doesnt need to be "the guy" then I wouldnt mind him, however with this team I think we do need a good qb. Which clearly isnt number 8.
                        you sound very bitter and like you would say anything as long as it is negative about Orton .

                        You seem to be stuck in the past just like a couple of more posters around always bring up stuff that has no bearing in what went on today .

                        Did Orton not hit Decker for a 3rd and long completion ? Did he not roll out away from pressure and hit Knowshon ?

                        Some of you wont even admit that he did anything you focused on the negative even before the game started and nothings change.
                        "(Touchdowns) are the goal," Orton said. "You can run for as many yards as you want, throw for as many yards as you want, but you have to convert to seven points. I think we're going to be explosive, be dynamic, be versatile."

                        "Perception is everything in this league, and a lot of times, unless you're a self-promoter, it can become negative," - Kyle Orton

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                        • Originally posted by TheFutureIsHere View Post
                          Orton will lead Denver to 3-10 again. He is a mediocre QB and always has been.
                          Mediocre QB's go 8-8 baby

                          Also.. where's your proof? How do you know this?

                          How can you say what hasn't happened is going to happen. Are you a future teller.

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                          • It's true, he still has a long ways to go

                            Didn't go through progressions very well
                            Happy feet
                            Just seemed to be going 100mph out there looking a bit lost at times
                            Made some nice plays but lacked consistency
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                            • Keep in mind guys. Dallas was playing without 4 of their defensive starters, including both of their starting corners. On offense, they were missing their starting center, starting right guard, and starting a rookie (only 20 years old) at right tackle.....just sayin'!


                              • Orton certainly did NOT look crisp. Anybody that thinks he looked good is delusional. He didn't look bad either, though. He looked like the same old Orton to me. Unfortunately, that doesn't inspire me a whole lot.

                                Tebow was disappointing tonight too. I know he was 6 for 7, but you can tell he is still trying to process what he is seeing out there, and he is taking too long to pull the trigger if his first receiver isn't open. Because he was rushed so much, even when he actually had time, he got antsy thinking his line wasn't going to hold for him.

                                Quinn looked the best. He showed poise and improvement from last year. He wasn't rushed too much, but nevertheless, he showed good patience and progressed through his reads well.
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