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Gameday Thread - Preseason game 1: Broncos @ Dallas

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  • Originally posted by Jay3 View Post
    I'm doing you a favor here -- there is no greater Tebow homer than me. I watched the game. If you didn't get a chance to see it for yourself, you need to know this from someone who's not trying to bring Tebow down:

    1. Tebow put up a great stat-line, but he looked the sketchiest, the shakiest of all three quarterbacks.

    2. He was getting poor protection. This is a problem. No time.

    3. Didn't look like a lot was open. Tebow doesn't like to force the ball. He's very protective of it usually. So it made him look kind of hesitant back there. I don't know -- it's like they've hobbled him.

    4. He had one interception that was called back. The main thing about it is he got blown up and hit as he threw it. But he should not have pulled the trigger. He did not have time to get it off. The ball tumbled end-over-end into a defender's arms. (Pass interference nullified the INT).

    5. He had one BEAUTIFUL 43 yard completion to Matt Willis.

    6. He had one CLUTCH 3rd down throw to Anderson. Looked good.

    7. He threw only one "what was that!" type throw -- at the feet of a receiver out so his left. His bad ones are always short throws to the sides of the field.

    8. There was on hilarious play where Tebow scrambled round forever, over the line of scrimmage, then back, then back over, then he threw the ball. 3 penalties on Denver, all declined.

    9. Broncos had the ball on the 6, Tebow breezed in for the TD. But called back for holding.

    Most importantly -- Quinn looked the best of the night. No lie.
    Good analysis. My thoughts:

    First off, Tebow has improved in several areas since he came into the league. His footwork is better and his throwing motion is much tighter; however, he needs to get better on reading defenses and not getting 'happy feet' so quickly in the pocket. 2nd, he needs to be more accurate on certain throws -> Griese mentioned that on that 3rd down slant throw that if he would have put it out in front, if might of been a touchdown.

    I've seen progress, but he's still a work in progress. I think by next year he'll be ready.



    • Originally posted by ironfootball39 View Post
      First drive may not of been there if Dware brings down the very first play for a pick six!
      you mean on the fact that ware got penetration and tipped a pass on a wr screen on the very first pay of preseason ?

      Heck when Orton rolled out if the defense wouldnt have covered him he couldnt just ran ll the way to the endzone ...if the defense didnt cover him
      "(Touchdowns) are the goal," Orton said. "You can run for as many yards as you want, throw for as many yards as you want, but you have to convert to seven points. I think we're going to be explosive, be dynamic, be versatile."

      "Perception is everything in this league, and a lot of times, unless you're a self-promoter, it can become negative," - Kyle Orton

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      • Originally posted by #24 Next Champ View Post
        Orton sharp? Wth is wrong with this FO!? Why is Orton getting so damn babied all the sudden? He wasn't terrible he played well but far from sharp
        Maybe Fox critique reflecting FO politics/agenda????


        • There's more to being a QB than just standing there and throwing the ball. You have no idea if Orton was making the proper reads, setting the protection correctly, reading the defense properly, etc.

          Tebow made some exciting plays though, no doubt about that


          • Originally posted by Broncoholic3233 View Post

            Orton hate. Love it.

            He'll be the starter, you guys can keep hating. He was fine. Penalties in RZ, then we didn't run it at all.
            So because we're critical of Kyle Orton having a horrible drive, we're Orton haters?

            He had a bad drive. He was not fine. Moreno and McGahee carried that drive.
            Hell, that long pass to Eric Decker wasn't even a good throw, and Decker was wide open.

            Sorry to burst your bubble, but the millions of Bronco fans remember Kyle Orton's inability score in the redzone or convert on 3rd down.


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            • Originally posted by Buckin' Bronco View Post
              nope truth, it is what happened.
              So you blame everything on the fact they're trying to force a QB to throw the ball.... The fact that there was a penalty... (same kind that Orton got)...

              I don't really see what your point is..
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              • Originally posted by OrangeCrushem View Post
                I've heard on Sandy Clough's show that Brady Quinn has basically stated that he should get his shot because the Broncos went 4-12 with Orton and Tebow as starters last year. They've already proved what they can do. IMHO, he's got a point...
                He has a point that Orton showed what he could do. Tebow? Not so much. I could argue that Brady Quinn has more starts in the NFL than Tim and has already proved what he can do. I don't think anyone is going to evaluate Tebow on three NFL starts, one where the coaches were dead set on not letting him throw and two where he was somewhat let loose.


                • He's got some ability to make plays. The game is still a little fast for him. The pass to Willis was money. He is still trying to take off after his first read is covered.

                  Hooray, beer!


                  • I think they had Orton throw the ball 3 attempts in the redzone because they wanted to see if he could get it done. They are still evaluating. Dont count Quinn out. Elway is no dummy. Do you not think he was watching Orton NOT score. Yup and so was fox. At this point id rather see Tebow out there in the redzone over Orton.


                    • A 'game manager' throws that pass away. A loser throws it to Dware for the possible defensive touchdown


                      • Originally posted by CoryWinget81 View Post
                        He's got some ability to make plays. The game is still a little fast for him. The pass to Willis was money. He is still trying to take off after his first read is covered.
                        Agreed on all points.



                        • Originally posted by Jay3 View Post
                          His YPA was pretty high (13 yards). It's an indicator that he's throwing it down the field.
                          That isn't quite accurate. He threw it down the field one time for 43 yards, half of his total. So he had 1 throw for 43 and 5 more for 57 which included some nice runs after catch. In his 4 possessions he moved the ball 22, 66, 21, and -1 yards. That isn't really throwing downfield much, most of his throws were actually short with big runs after.

                          1 out 6 for a 40 yarder is probably a high rate of long throws though.


                          • Originally posted by Remedy View Post
                            "way to show heart out there kid, but dont get yourself hurt"

                            As a sidebar: Why wasn't the Cowboys called for unnecessary roughness for the punch to Tebow's face? Should've been first and goal Broncos. The ref was standing right there.

                            Obviously, the refs also hate Tebow.


                            • Originally posted by Jay3 View Post
                              8. There was on hilarious play where Tebow scrambled round forever, over the line of scrimmage, then back, then back over, then he threw the ball. 3 penalties on Denver, all declined.
                              I think when the 3 ref's saw that move on the sideline, they were like "That's gotta be illegal"....
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                              • Originally posted by KO8pectate View Post
                                you sound very bitter and like you would say anything as long as it is negative about Orton .

                                You seem to be stuck in the past just like a couple of more posters around always bring up stuff that has no bearing in what went on today .

                                Did Orton not hit Decker for a 3rd and long completion ? Did he not roll out away from pressure and hit Knowshon ?

                                Some of you wont even admit that he did anything you focused on the negative even before the game started and nothings change.
                                Anything negative about orton? Excuse me ive backed orton the majority of his time here so dont go judging me about a bias towards orton (something you DEFINITELY shouldnt be talking about towards other people as your bias is painfully obvious). Ive never hated orton although he has lost some of my respect with many of his actions over the past year.

                                One 3rd down pass doesnt disprove his inability to perform in clutch situations. Just the same as how he has completed red zone touchdowns BEFORE but that doesnt mean he is good at it. While he made a good read on the play it was obviously a coverage mistake, not a knock on orton certainly, but it wasnt exactly an outstanding clutch play that proves orton is as amazing as you say he is.

                                Orton is who he is, not an elite qb, not a terrible qb, hes just your average journeyman qb and will likely be gone after this season. Hell I would even take someone like eli manning over orton. Who doesnt have consistant play and probably doesnt look as good as orton on paper but can actually perform in those dire situations.

                                Dont try to label me as some fanboy who only roots for certain players or hates a player no matter what. Im a bronco fan, I was here before orton, before tebow and I will still be a fan after both of them are gone. I dont have a bias towards either that blinds me in seeing their faults and both qbs have very obvious faults. Faults which both groups of fans refuse to acknowledge.
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