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Gameday Thread - Preseason game 1: Broncos @ Dallas

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  • Over/Under 45 people dead when that HD screen the size of Home Depot falls on the field


    • Originally posted by Luckyshot View Post
      These announcers are professional dallas cowboys fluffers.
      These are the kind of games you almost have to crank up the tunes and mute the volume of the announcers.


      • K. McCarthy looks to be Dawkins replacement later this season or next! Wow he is impressive.


        • Originally posted by Saucy View Post
          Of course I'm not watching the game cause I live in Michigan, but I saw the stats and I'm wondering how some of you are saying Tebow was sucking. His stats are a lot better than Orton and he is playing with the second team.
          Against the second team, too.


          • Originally posted by Saucy View Post
            Of course I'm not watching the game cause I live in Michigan, but I saw the stats and I'm wondering how some of you are saying Tebow was sucking. His stats are a lot better than Orton and he is playing with the second team.
            on paper people look one way in the game they look another.

            I'm looking at stats also. I'm noticing the people leeding in D stats are players I ain't never heard of all camp.


            • Come on Brady get us a TD


              • Lol to everybody talking up Quinn.


                FA Targets: DT Jason Jones, DT Pat Simms, S Reggie Smith, LB Dan Connor



                • Wow.... horrible drop by Gronkowski there Nice pass from Quinn though.

                  Well wow... looks like there was some miscommunication on that one


                  • Anyone else think P Cox's situation might not be that bad ?

                    I'll start by saying that I don't know what really happened, no one here does.

                    I just think the FO must of looked into his situation in the offseason and if they thought he was going to do time or had really done something bad then he would of been cut before camp began.

                    If P Cox was in serious trouble I think we would of cut him a long time ago, and if he makes the final roster then I seriously doubt he's in as much trouble as some ppl think he is.


                    • Originally posted by InsaneBlaze23 View Post
                      You do know Brady Quinn never played for a good team or a team with a stable OL and weapons?
                      And that excuse has always been thrown around, and I had a feeling it was coming. Regardless he hasnt been able to do anything with what he had so I dont think hes anything special.

                      Since coming here he has looked awful as well aside from parts of training camp this year (where he is still the #3 qb although I know its a close race).


                      • If it hits you in the hands you catch it.


                        • Pros/Cons from Denver/Dallas game

                          SO FAR anyway, I'm sure there will be some 3rd and 4th stringers that do something interesting.


                          Safety McCarthy - made a couple big plays

                          McGahee/Moreno/Run Blocking - Call me "boring" but I love the idea of us running the ball under Fox. All our starting lineman are over 300 lbs., and McGahee/Moreno could be an awesome 1-2 punch. The veteran and the young guy, with a coach committed to running the ball.

                          Prater - 3/3 works for me - I would like to see a few long attempts this preseason.

                          Decker - This is based entirely on his one catch, but I love the YAC and he looked solid to me.

                          Broncos linebackers (run defense) - They didn't look all that great, but after watching our run defense at the second level the past few years I do see improvement already.


                          Tebow - I liked the long pass play to Willis, but every time he drops back and the first read isn't there, he looks so lost to me. He doesn't look like a second year NFL QB at all, especially not a highly touted one. It seems like he is much too eager to run the ball instead of trying to run the offense, go through progressions. The play with the three penalties to me shows how far he has to go in learning how to play QB in the NFL. You have to know where the line of scrimmage is, and if you are wildly running back and forth against the Steelers/Ravens/any decent defense actually with their first-teamers, you are asking to get a concussion. I don't see what the die hard Tebow fans see at all. I see a major project, and a Broncos message board somewhat overun with "New" Bronco fans, all because of Tebow. David Klingler was a great college QB and put up great college stats. I hope he improves because that is good for the Broncos even if they end up trading him, but he doesn't look like a NFL QB to me.

                          Orton - Yeah that's right, I'm one of those nasty posters who isn't enthralled by either QB. Orton seemed decent between the twenties, but seemed to clam up in the redzone, again. Can he be "Jake Delhomme" for Fox? Maybe, I think this season will give us our answer to that.

                          New D-Line (Pass rush) - There were a few solid hurries but I really want a consistent pass rush, and expect one with the drafting of Miller and return of Dumervil. Hopefully this gets better real soon.

                          Calling the Fade on 1st or 2nd and goal - I despise this play call, and although I am a Fox supporter, I don't see why you have a 79 yard drive up to that point with 40 yards on the ground and then go for a fade for a TD. Punch it in! I want to be a "running team" in that respect the most. Short yardage situation, they know you are running, and you still get the yard.

                          Backup secondary - Yikes. Stephen McGee just marched down the field, G U L P.
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                          • Originally posted by ChampPik4Six View Post
                            Over/Under 45 people dead when that HD screen the size of Home Depot falls on the field
                            as long as their announcers are standing on the 50 when it does idk


                            • Originally posted by Puddleglum View Post
                              Just some thoughts from a Charger fan that are in no particular order.


                              Decker looks like he could be legit, loved that first catch and run he had. Might not be the fastest WR but if he keeps the routes going and always has hands like those, he's a weapon.

                              Your O-line was man handling the Cowboy 1st team defense, like him or not McDaniels did bring in some talented O-linemen and WR's.

                              McGahee hadn't looked that good since he started with the Ravens, it's like he got himself some new tires in the off-season. I don't think he's the best tandem for Moreno but it was hard to complain after that showing today. If he stays healthy he'll be a good pick up.

                              My last note for the 1st team offense came at the end of the 1st drive. Running got you down there, we all know you're going to be ground pounders this season. There's no shame in it. Punch it through the ground in the red zone, make everyone believe the running game has been rejuvinated. It would have been a statement, instead you guys tried to put it in through the air. That netted you a field goal, what a waste of an opportunity.

                              This hurts as I have been a Tebow backer, but he did not look good out there. Don't get me wrong you can see the physical intangibles people get/got excited over when 57 on the Cowboys SHOULD have sacked him but Tebow somehow got out of it. It was a short off-season and I remember watching him last year, something isn't adding up (2nd team instead of 1st probably) so he gets the benefit of the doubt.


                              The first thing I noticed is that you DT's looked undersized. It might have been an illusion as I know the Cowboys prefer gargantuan O-Linemen but they were getting pushed around.

                              Woodyard was flying around out there, I was impressed.

                              Miller looked like a rookie, who'd have thought it?

                              Remember folks, training camp is hype central, don't believe it. If training camp gossip were true Buster Davis has been a future HoF'er for about 4 years now.

                              A defense very much in progress.
                              Shoulda coulda woulda. Tebow DID get out of it and that IS the point.


                              • Originally posted by JaysusCutler View Post
                                No one believed me that McCarthy is an animal.
                                I have to agree with you, this guy just plays with a lot of heart and hustle. I wanna see more of him, thats for sure.