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Gameday Thread - Preseason game 1: Broncos @ Dallas

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  • Originally posted by Andyy_47 View Post
    Well that was just plain awful.
    Give him another series! :thumb:


    • Stephen McGee ran for a first down. Booooo!

      Can't be a QB and do that.


      • Originally posted by DenBroFan22 View Post
        Where was Quinn throwing it on that last pass?
        To the defender.
        RIP Darrent Williams.


        • Originally posted by jetdrumz View Post
          Tebow with a 118.8 rating.
          awesome. He is the best quarterback of the night by far up to this point.


          • gronkowski cut on the evidence of tonight. useless
            Manning Fatigue (noun): The act of being sick as hell of watching a HOF qb take half of forever to decide what to do and just wishing he'd make up his mind.


            • Originally posted by OrangeFaithful View Post
              I have to agree with you, this guy just plays with a lot of heart and hustle. I wanna see more of him, thats for sure.
              Watching him at Notre Dame, he was always around the ball. I hate ND but everytime I watched them he jumped off the screen. I knew he would be good when we signed him.
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              • Originally posted by Puddleglum View Post
                Just some thoughts from a Charger fan that are in no particular order.


                Decker looks like he could be legit, loved that first catch and run he had. Might not be the fastest WR but if he keeps the routes going and always has hands like those, he's a weapon.

                Your O-line was man handling the Cowboy 1st team defense, like him or not McDaniels did bring in some talented O-linemen and WR's.

                McGahee hadn't looked that good since he started with the Ravens, it's like he got himself some new tires in the off-season. I don't think he's the best tandem for Moreno but it was hard to complain after that showing today. If he stays healthy he'll be a good pick up.

                My last note for the 1st team offense came at the end of the 1st drive. Running got you down there, we all know you're going to be ground pounders this season. There's no shame in it. Punch it through the ground in the red zone, make everyone believe the running game has been rejuvinated. It would have been a statement, instead you guys tried to put it in through the air. That netted you a field goal, what a waste of an opportunity.

                This hurts as I have been a Tebow backer, but he did not look good out there. Don't get me wrong you can see the physical intangibles people get/got excited over when 57 on the Cowboys SHOULD have sacked him but Tebow somehow got out of it. It was a short off-season and I remember watching him last year, something isn't adding up (2nd team instead of 1st probably) so he gets the benefit of the doubt.


                The first thing I noticed is that you DT's looked undersized. It might have been an illusion as I know the Cowboys prefer gargantuan O-Linemen but they were getting pushed around.

                Woodyard was flying around out there, I was impressed.

                Miller looked like a rookie, who'd have thought it?

                Remember folks, training camp is hype central, don't believe it. If training camp gossip were true Buster Davis has been a future HoF'er for about 4 years now.

                A defense very much in progress.
                I think the play calling in the red zone had more to do with the fact that Orton was only getting one drive. It was only fair to give him a chance to have some red zone reps and try and get a TD through the air. It obviously would have been easy to just punch it in but let's face it, red zone and 3rd down is Orton biggest knock so may as well give him a chance to fix those issues..
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                • looked liked the receiver ran the wrong route on the air ball
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                  • I think this season will have at least 3 or 4 109 yard kickoff return touchdowns because of this rule.

                    If you have a great return man, you would probably risk getting him tackled at the 15 for the chance he can try and take on all the way back.

                    Hate the rule though, I think running it out of the endzone more often is the obvious answer to it.


                    • 1st down Dallas.
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                      • Nickel took the inside, WR should have cut back towards the sideline. Good read by Quinn, bad read by WR.
                        This is a quote from another poster in another thread.

                        If you have any football knowledge, you would have notice the same thing.
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                        • is that Webber? or Watson? kid dressed for today...the other QB?


                          • Of course the "INT" will be in. Gotta bash him somehow.
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                            • Wow that was a crazy catch. Nice pressure but if you make a catch like that there's nothing you can do


                              • *McGee runs* "Runnin with that football!"

                                *Tim runs* "He will have to get injured before he learns not to run so much in the NFL."

                                Pathetic announcing. Granted the tebow one wasn't a real quote.