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Official Post Season 2012 Game Day Thread: Steelers Vs Broncos

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  • Official Post Season 2012 Game Day Thread: Steelers Vs Broncos

    Wow.... been too many years since I got to do a post season game day thread. The last would have been the 2005 Afc Championship game where we lost to the Steelers. As fate would have it, the Steelers are our opponent for this week. I am hoping for a different result this time. The Broncos do have some history with the Steekers in the post season.

    As Jim Saccomano wrote in his blog - copied below.
    The one team that Denver has played most often in the playoffs is Pittsburgh—the always tough, solid, well-coached, hard-as-iron Steelers.

    And so far, Denver and Pittsburgh have played six games, with the Broncos and Steelers tied at 3-3 in the toughest of playoff competition.

    The very first team Denver ever played in postseason was Pittsburgh, and Ring of Fame linebacker Tom Jackson intercepted Terry Bradshaw twice on Christmas Eve, 1977, as the Broncos won a 34-21 game that propelled Denver to its first AFC title and a berth in Super Bowl XII.

    Denver ran smack into the Steel Curtain the very next year in Three Rivers Stadium and Pittsburgh was dominant in a 33-10 win on its own way to Super Bowl XIII, which the Steelers won.

    In 1984, John Elway’s second year as a pro, he led the Broncos to a 13-3 record and a home game against a tough Pittsburgh team that won a hard-fought 24-17 game at Mile High Stadium.

    Denver hosted Pittsburgh in a great game following the 1989 season, with the Broncos taking a 24-23 win here. Again, the Broncos went to the Super Bowl that year, beating the Cleveland Browns in Denver the following week.

    In 1997 the Broncos won our first Super Bowl and did it the hard way, winning as a wild card, which meant four straight playoff wins.
    The AFC title game that year was at Pittsburgh and the Broncos prevailed, 24-21 to move on to that eventual date with the defending champion Packers.

    And finally, most recently, the Steelers defeated the Broncos in Denver by a 34-17 score in 2005 to again advance to the Super Bowl, defeating Seattle for the world title.

    So Denver and Pittsburgh are deadlocked at three wins apiece, with the winner going on to the Super Bowl in five out of the six meetings.

    So if you are sure of this week’s result, you are wrong about being sure. Both teams have won at home, and lost at home, and won on the road, and lost on the road, and advanced to the Super Bowl home AND away, against each other.

    Entering the playoffs losing are last 3 games does not bode well for us. We need to regrasp our winning ways and hope that it is not just Tebow Time, but Bronco Time! Sure the Steelers have the top D and are #1 against the pass. The Good news we hardly pass. Both teams have injuries to deal with. We lost Kuper and Dawkins is not playing. Big Ben isn't up to full speed, Mendenhall is done and Clark is out as well.

    Most don't expect us to win, esp after the last 3 weeks, so if we have nothing to lose let's go all out. Stop the conservative calling and let Tebow pull the trigger when the time is right.

    We have had an up and down season, crazier than many of us expected, but here we are, let's hope we can do something with this chance and advance to New England. Like the Seahawks did to the Saints last year, let's win against a team we're not supposed to. We may be down, but we're not out

    As always win or lose please follow the Code of Conduct and report any violation to the Modstaff. Emotions will run high, trolls will be out so please really try to stay within the rules.

    Hoping for at least One More Week!
    As always GO BRONCOS!!
    The Game Day Thread: Year 18 in progress!!!

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    Lets get this win!! Im fired up


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      GO BRONCOS!!!!!!!!!

      Kill those damn pesky steelers.

      Steelers scored 3 vs the niners... thats WITH mendenhall.


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          GO GOOD GUYS!!!


          2013 Adopt-a-Bronco: Demaryius Thomas



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            As negative as I am about Tebow...and as much as some dislike me...I will Never Ever root against my team.

            Broncos forever!!!! Crush me some Stillerz!!!!"
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            Laugh...and the whole world laughs with you!
            Laugh like a lunatic for no apparent reason...and they'll leave you alone!

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            "Hey man. Why are you 300 pounds?"
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              Go Broncos! Play hard and give them hell for 60 min.


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                Channel the spirit of BDawk into every player for this one.

                What would be sweeter than making it into the playoffs?... Winning in the playoffs.
                Get it done.

                - ★ -
                2012 Adopt a Bronco : Joe Mays


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                    Broncos will win 17-13, I'll be there bright and early for the tailgate. Go Broncos!!!


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                      Let's go Broncos, its all or nuthin here

                      Feels good to be back in the playoffs.



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                        Ben struggled with the Niners and even the Bengals last week, our D had a better game last week, let's hope we get some pressure on him and force a turnover or two.
                        The Game Day Thread: Year 18 in progress!!!


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                          I think we are going to lose bad since we have been negative in TOs and our offense is laughable.
                          Manning to Thomas ev'ry day, all day.


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                            Originally posted by Zanataki View Post
                            I think we are going to lose bad since we have been negative in TOs and our offense is laughable.
                            Cool... You're a glass half empty person, aren't you?
                            Don't give up... Don't ever give up


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                              It's great to see this thread come playoff time. Feels good!

                              Go Broncos; it's our time!
                              Adopter - theMileHighGuy

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                              Shout outs to BroncoSexyDaddy, theMileHighGuy and sbxxxiichamps!