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Official Game day thread: Week 13 2004 Broncos vs Chargers

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  • So we can get a better draft pick? Why bother, it will probably be a bust anyway.

    And for the record, it wouldn't be the first time we purposely lost games...infact it was only last year in week 17.


    • Originally posted by bRoNcOs40
      i know we definately should keep our heads high even when losing to our rival and the friggin shargers ............. we cand still make the playoffs and kick some @SS
      HeLL Yea!!
      BrOnCoS wIlL oWn YoU...nO iM nOt BeInG sArCaStIc...


      • Originally posted by AlWilsonOwnsU
        No he the replay SHanahan is standing there yelling for Watts to go outta bounds!! After the game he said Watts should have gone outta bounds so they could throw one deep.... i didnt there was 5 downs seemed as if Watts was the only one who knew what he was doing!
        I agree about Watts, remember CU's infamous 5th down?™
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        • Originally posted by TheGlue Factory
          Lack of chemistry for the most. For the most part the offense has new faces in critical positions - RB (Droughns), WR (Lelie & Watts), TE (Putzier). The defense has a lot of new faces as well - Champ, Lynch, DJ.

          Perhaps one of the biggest losses durring the offseason was A. Gibbs. I think yesterday showed the difference between Dennison and Gibbs. Even the first game against the Chargers we were held to miniscule yardage.

          Something else that has plagued Denver all year is field position. The opponents have had much shorter fields than the Broncos. I don't know how many times we've started drives from inside our own 15 let alone inside our 20! Yesterday I don't think the Charges had any drives start from inside their 25! In a way it's amazing that it was only a 3 pt loss. It could have been much worse if it weren't for Lelie, Putzier & (of course) ROD!

          Lastly, the lack of a good pass rush has definitely let opposing offenses play their game more than we'd like. If the Broncos maintain what they are doing well and improve on just one of these areas I think we'll be a very difficult team to play next year.

          As for yesterdays game? From the first interception I knew is was going to be a struggle to keep it close to the end and either win or lose by 3. Very entertaining game with a wretched outcome. Oh well. Time to take it out on Miami.
          Overall, I think you have pretty much hit the nail on the head.

          My thought yesterday when I saw it was raining, was automatic loss. I knew it would be a struggle with prefect conditions.

          By only losing by 3 points it is a moral victory considering the lousy field position, the 4 interceptions, and the weather.

          With all that going for them, SAN should have killed us.

          We need STs to step up big time and get some runback yardage, and stop the holding blocks in the back. If the refs can see you hitting someone in the back! Why can't the players?

          We held gates to 3 catches, if I remember correctly, NO TD's, his long was 12 or 13 yards. Held LT to less than 3.8 YPC. Breeze to a 106 yards passing.

          We had over 300 yards on a sloppy field they had a bit over 200.

          SAN better be glad that they won that game.


          • Originally posted by ChumpBailey
            HA HA HA It looks like the donkey fan from nor cal has no sense at all!!! Just think donkey's that it was The Raiders that started your current losing streak!!! HA HA HA "GO RAIDERS"!!!

            Yo chump, raider got lucky in the snow, End of story! or maybe they finally decided since their season was offically over they could start playing like a team of two collins the drunk and porter the free agent.


            • Originally posted by broncophan
              My there anything you fairweather fans DON'T complain about??
              We'll stop complaining when they (Broncos) get below 50 things to complain about. If you can watch these passed games (Cinnci, Atlanta, Raiders and SD) and still feel all nice and cozy inside you aren't a real fan...
              Superbowl 50 Champs!


              • It was herndon who it hit it with his hand and Kennedy caught


                • The question is did the ref have enough conclusive evidence to overturn the call? I thought no but he thought yes and that sucks that would have changed the game big time.
                  BRONCOS fan is in my blood!


                  • as much as it pains me to say it, the refs did make the right call™
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                    • Originally posted by JrtheFreak
                      We'll stop complaining when they (Broncos) get below 50 things to complain about. If you can watch these passed games (Cinnci, Atlanta, Raiders and SD) and still feel all nice and cozy inside you aren't a real fan...
                      yep one yard, or a T.O at the end of the game when it was really needed
                      another jake blunder
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                      • Originally posted by sdboltsfan
                        Please pay absolutely no attention to "lightningstrike." He is obviously a transplated member of the Faider Nation.

                        That was great game, worthy of headlines. Not becuase of the Chargers, but because of the intensity on both sides of the ball. This may have been our game, maybe our year, but we take our knocks from the Broncs year in and year out.

                        Good game, and I sincerely wish you luck in the rest of the season.

                        I see the bolts do have some fans with some sense! Kudos to you. This is the kind of fans we try to get to hang out with us but we always get the dumbazzes!
                        ~RSth Lncus [email protected] mO Po*

                        Its what a man knows about himself inside that makes him afraid!

                        UNC Tarheels!!!!


                        • Originally posted by jdslick
                          Overturning that play was the obvious call after seeing the replay. No doubt at all.
                          well, as i went on to say in my post, that depends on when exactly a ball is considered down. i was thinking that if it hit his fingertips and the ground at the same time then it might not be down (and if that had been the issue, the call would have been wrong b/c there was no way to see if his fingertips were under there) - but after talking to a friend of mine and seeing glue factory's post i see that it would be down.

                          so now i admit that they did make the right call. hang it all.
                          go broncos
                          share the sidewalk
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                          • What is your point?

                            Originally posted by jdslick
                            You can blame Broncos losses all you want on luck. Doesn't change anything.
                            If you ain't a Bronco you don't know FOOTBALL

                            You can win one and think you are a winner and then you can be a Raider or a KC fan and still be a loser when you win!