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Official Game Day Thread: Week 2: 2012 Broncos vs Falcons

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  • Official Game Day Thread: Week 2: 2012 Broncos vs Falcons

    Well how was that for week one Bronco Fans.

    We start the season at Mile High the way we ended it last year there, with a Win over the Steelers.
    It made for a great week of rubbing in to the Steelers fans I know and work with.
    We barely touch the ball in the 3rd quarter, but when we did, it was a thing of beauty.

    So let's tale a look at Denver's recent History.

    In the last 17 years we are 14-3 in playing the second game of a season
    Eight of those were on the road, the other eight at home
    The 3 losses were all on the road losing to the Cowboys in 95, at Chiefs 99 and the Jag in '04.

    In that span we have payed the Falcons 4 times, Winning twice in Atlanta and Once at home.
    Of course we thumped them in the Super Bowl.

    These are a different bunch of birds though. They had a great last year until they met the Giant and their offense disappeared from the field. They found that offense last week vs KC and Julio Jones was amazing and even Gonzales got in on the action. So now the Falcons have their first home game of the year with Denver as the guest of honor and they want to start of with a "W" there as well.

    I have a feeling this will be a tough game for us. Atlanta defense is good. Denver clearly struggled on 3rd down last week. If Chris Harris doesn't play we will be down 1 Cb against a high flying offense. Could be a long day if they start hitting their passes. On the flip side Manning is a QB who does know how to play and win inside a dome. His QB rating is 98/9 in a dome and he has a record of 78-33 playing inside.

    Here is hoping he has another win in him on Monday Night and that the game doesn't come down to the very end. Hopefully the pass rush gets there a bit earlier and ground flying Matt Ryan

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    Go Broncos - let's make it 2-0
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    The Game Day Thread: Year 18 in progress!!!

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    Repeat of Super Bowl XXXIII!!! A future HOFer decimates a pretender!!!!!!!!

    GO BRONCOS!!!!!!!!!


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      Thanks for the sticky Jet!
      The Game Day Thread: Year 18 in progress!!!


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        Originally posted by Elway View Post
        Thanks for the sticky Jet!
        I'm your guy. :thumb:


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          MNF BABY!!!! Lets go Broncos!


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            I need a Broncos fix. How will we wait all day today and tomorrow!
            Go Broncos!


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              Kinda early for the thread, but I do not mind.

              GO BRONCOS!!!!

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                Another week, same goals, let's get this W Fellas!!! GOOOOOOOO BRONCOS!!!


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                  Can't wait! sooo pumped for this Monday night!

                  can't wait to destroy us some falcons!


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                    Can't wait!

                    GO BRONCOS!!!!!!!!!!
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                      This will be THE litmus test to see how good this team really is. We will need the A game on offense and defense.

                      Our defense should be well acclimated to the no huddle offense. This might end up being one of the fastest paced games ever.

                      I know our fans have fallen in love with our no huddle offense but seriously we need to run the ball and control the clock in this game to keep their defense tired and Matt Ryan and Julio Jones cold on the bench.

                      Can't wait!


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                        I hate monday night games so much. I really hate them


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                          In the last 16 years we are 14-3?

                          Go Broncos
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                            LET'S GO BRONCOS!

                            I'm gonna be ducking out of a fresher's night early to watch this one.

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                              --- Go Broncos !!! ---

                              --- STOMP THE the falcons !!! ---

                              GO "D" --- SACK ryan !!!

                              Please, no injuries !


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