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Official Game Day Thread: Week 13: 2012 Bucs vs Broncos

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  • Official Game Day Thread: Week 13: 2012 Bucs vs Broncos

    Welcome to week 12 Broncomaniacs.

    Your beloved Broncos are 8-3 leading the West by 4 full games now and with a Denver Win and SD lost they can clinch the division this week. How many years has it been where we have been able to do that so early? That would make for back to back division win, something which we haven't done since before our Superbowl wins.

    We have been a bit shaky though even though we have won 6 in a row. Even against KC it was a rough game. The D played great, but our offense seemed to sputter a bit and Prater had some issue. I would like to see us put a solid effort out there against Tampa.

    Manning is playing great. He is 3rd in the league in TD passes and completing over 67% of his passes. Denver has 6 pass plays of 25+ yards this season under Manning, that is 4 more than we had all of last year.

    The Bucs have struggled in their defense this season, so there should be opportunities for Manning.
    Long time Veteran Rhonde Barber will look for his 5th Int.

    It was a nice surprise to have Knowshon get the starting nod last week and perform fairly well.
    Part of our focus this game is to find him lanes, while the D tries to stop Doug Martin, who has been phenomenal this year. Martin has 1050 yards and have won 5 of 6 games where he gets at least 75 yards. If we stack up against the run Freeman can hit Dallas Clark, Vincent Jackson or Mike Williams. So we have to play smart.

    Luckily our D is 4th over all and leading the league in sacks this year. We are holding opponents to under 4 yards per rush. Von Miller is toed 2nd in the league with 14 sacks.

    In week 13 games we hold a 8 - 9 record over the last 17 years - not that good.
    Of the 8 wins 1 was at home 7 on the road. Of the 9 losses. 2 were at home 7 were on the road.
    So we were 1 for 3 at home and 7 of 14 on the road. So this is one of the few times in 17 years that we are not normally on the road during this week. Over that same period we have faced the Bucs
    only 4 times, all under Shannahan. He went 3-4 Winning twice at home and once on the road.

    Hopefully the cold temperature and the high elevation wears this down and it doesn't become another nail biter. I hope the Oline protects well and Moreno has another good day and that we can play solid in all 3 phases of the game as we try to get ourselves ready for the playoffs and seedings. Nothing is a given and the Bucs have bounce back this year and have played strong.

    Win or lose (or tie???) we ask all members to follow the rules of the COC and be mindful of what you post. If you see something amiss please report it so the Mod staff on duty can respond. Let's hope for a great game with no injuries.

    As always no matter what the final score is GO BRONCOS!

    SIDE NOTE - Birdy is 30 Weeks Pregnant now and all is going well!
    The Game Day Thread: Year 18 in progress!!!

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    Yay me! I've always wanted to be first (well, actually, second).

    Go Broncos!!!!

    SIDE NOTE - Birdy is 30 Weeks Pregnant now and all is going well!
    Good to hear. Don't let her get too excited when we win tomorrow.

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      Go Broncos!!
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        Helly Tampa, welcome to Denver, sackville USA



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          (Congratulations Birdy and Elway !!!)

          --- Go Broncos !!! ---

          --- STOMP THE bucs !!! ---

          GO "D" --- SACK freeman !!!

          Go 12th Man !
          Rock the House !!!

          Please, no injuries !


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            Let's clinch the Divison, fellas!!! GO BRONCOS!!!


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              Let's do this! about 15 hours to go, if my math is correct
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                  Go Broncos!!!!!

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                    Let's go Broncos let's smack them bucs
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                      LET'S GO BRONCOS!

                      (and glad to hear Birdy is doing well!)
                      - ★ -
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                        Great news about Birdy
                        Can't wait for this game.
                        GO BRONCOS!!!


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                          NFL Sunday Countdown opens up with a segment on how Peyton Manning can take apart the Bucs secondary, based on their woes. Talking with other fans this morning, it's pretty obvious though the Bucs stop 18 from doing this....

                          Yes, you feed the Hamster the ball. The whatever they call Doug Martin is a beast and he will eat up yards and the clock keeping the offense off the field and putting us in a close game. We have had issues throughout the season with the TE and covering them, and guess what, here comes Dallas Clarke. Another pro who can make big plays.

                          This game has me nervous and others I have spoke to as well. Let's hope the Defense can keep everything in check, while the Offense makes it all click.
                          Also, the kicking game, with the ups and downs by Prater, I'm hoping he finds the leg and gets back on track.

                          Let's Wrap the division and their offense up!

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                            Once again I can't wait for this game! I have a really good feeling about this one!
                            WE ARE WHO THEY THOUGHT WE WERE


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                              GO BRONCOS!!!!!!!

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