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Official Game Day Thread: Week 1: 2013 Ravens vs Broncos

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  • Official Game Day Thread: Week 1: 2013 Ravens vs Broncos

    Hello Broncomaniacs.

    Here we are for the start of another great football season.

    What a strange long trip it has been, it has been a long 7 months.
    Ravens won the Superbowl after an improbable run
    Flacco got a huge contract while losing a nice portion of his team mates
    Elvis left the building due to fax gate
    Welker found a QB out west he could play catch with
    Miller dropped a sample and was dropped from the lineup for 6 weeks

    and yet here we are where we left off, a game in the public spot light, in Denver verse the Ravens
    and Elvis will be on the field. The more things change, the more they stay the same....
    well maybe... I'm hoping for a different outcome this time.

    Is it a revenge game.... nah not so much. If it was a game to end the Raven's season I might think that, but at the start it just a chance to see if we are ready to start this year off right. Last season Manning took a few weeks to find his mojo and he did in spectacular fashion against the Chargers that led to an amazing 11 game winning streak.

    Not sure what the record will be this year, but I think we still have enough mile high magic to do some damage this year. The preseason is over, time to show what we are really made of

    Opening day. Let's take a look at how we do opening day. Over the last 10 years we are 6-4 on opening day.
    We were 2-1 at home and and 4-3 on the road during that time.

    Over the last decade we played the Ravens 6 times in the reg season twice at home and four times on the road
    We won twice at home on 05 & 06 . Of the four away game we loss in 03, 09, & 10 but won last year.
    The post season ---- We'll let's not go there.

    I am hoping for a great year, We got three great receivers in Thomas, Decker and Welker.
    I love our 3 running backs, Ball, Moreno and Hillman (If he can hold on to the ball)
    I love Julian Thomas as a TE and hopefully the tweaks to the D help us on that side of the ball.

    Emotions are hyped for this game. How could they not be. The Ravens will still be a formidable opponent. We just need to play the way we are capable of. Emotions will be running high on the board also so please be careful of what you post. The Mods will be around so please follow the rules of the COC. Contact the mod staff with any issues and report any bad posts.

    As always enjoy yourself and the game and let's hope we end the Night healthy and with a Big "W"
    Welcome to the new season and GO BRONCOS!

    PS - looking forward to watching the game this season with my son Myles. He will be decked out on Thursday on his Broncos Onesie - we are starting him off right!

    ******BONUS INFORMATION FOR TOMORROW********* Courtesy of JWINN

    The timeline of events for the game


    The game will broadcast on NBC KUSA-TV Channel 9, KOA (850 AM)/The Fox (103.5 FM)

    National Anthem: Danielle Bradbery, Season 4 Winner of NBC’s The Voice

    Color Guard: 7 Groups – Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Police, Fire and Coast Guard

    6:16 – Players leave the field
    6:19 – Stampede/Broncos fight song
    6:21 – Bailey’s Moving and Storage Game Ball Delivery
    6:22 – Thunderstorm
    6:26 – Parade of Colors
    6:29 – NFL Countdown to Kickoff Moment
    6:31 – Broncos Introductions
    6:33 – Ravens Introductions
    6:35 – Coin Toss Presentation with Terrell Davis as the Alumni Captain
    6:37 - National Anthem performed by Danielle Bradbery
    6:40 – Kickoff

    •Half-time Entertainment: CSU Rams Marching Band

    Complimentary Broncos GameDay Magazines (to first 45,000 fans) will be available for Sports Authority Field at Mile High patrons to pick-up at all stadium entrances upon entry.

    NOTE!! That the Ravens are to be introduced AFTER the Broncos. 1st time that's ever happened. Just a bit of trivia...
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    Chritmas eve is today. Tomorrow our Christmas begins.


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      I am so excite!!!!!!!!!! :dance:
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        Kick the crap out of those Ratbirds.
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          Yeah booooyyysss (and girls) It's that time!

          I'm ready for some FOOTBALL!!!
          The Game Day Thread: Year 16 in progress!!! sigpic


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            First time in the boards for the beginning of the season. My body is ready.
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              --- Go Broncos !!! ---

              --- STOMP THE ravinz !!! ---

              GO "D" --- SACK flacco !!!

              Denver 44
              ravinz 13

              BRONCOS, PROTECT YOUR QB !!!

              Go 12th Man !
              Rock the House !!!

              Stay healthy Broncos.
              Please, no injuries !

              GO BRONCOS "D" !!!
              TAKE DOWN
              flacco AT MILE HIGH !!!


              May God Bless all men and women of our Armed Forces, past and present
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                Good to see you, Elway!

                Thanks, JWinn for the added information.

                I am so ready for this game.

                Be safe players. And fans. Of both teams.



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                  Let"s go Broncos!!!

                  Send Flukeo back to Baltimore crying and ashamed of his performance!!

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                  Proud Fan of the 3 Time Super Bowl Champion Denver Broncos


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                    I hope they at least double the spread and Franklin schools Dumervil.


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                      Wont be modding but please be good to everyone that is. Posting from the Rockies game right now. 4-1 top of the 6th. Love This city!

                      Go broncos. And see some of you at the game!


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                        Go Broncos, Keep Peyton upright and we have a chance!
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                          We've been waiting a long..agonizing. .8mmonths but its finally Christmas eve!!! Let's go!!! Man I don't wanna work
                          tomorrow...lord knows I won't be doing anything anyway!


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                            I have a feeling Shaun Phillips and Robert Ayers are gonna show up to play tommorow.

                            Should be a good precursor to a potential playoff game!


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                              Is it a revenge game.... nah not so much. If it was a game to end the Raven's season I might think that
                              Thats a great statement that all bronco fans need to consider in itself. Its a new season, what happened last year, good or ill, was last year. this year the ravens ARE NOT the same team. The broncos.. well I think the additions are just as good if not better than what we had last year. The things I hope for tomorrow is everybody comes out healthy, the broncos win, and theres no controversy.