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Official Game Day Thread: Week 3: 2013 Raiders vs Broncos

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  • Official Game Day Thread: Week 3: 2013 Raiders vs Broncos

    Welcome to the end of week 3 in the NFL.

    KC is 3-0
    SD is 1 -2
    Oak 1 - 1
    Den 2-0 Pending the outcome of MNF. Which in their last outings the Raiders are 1-8 on MNF

    The Faider fan out there may point out that the last seven Denver vs Oakland games, Oakland has a 4-3 record.

    The Bronco fan can say, since the Raiders moved to Oakland, Denver is 24-11 against them. With Manning, 2-0.

    Raiders have a nice running element with Pryor, but he is not a great passing threat. His yardage after 2 game is less than half on Manning's.

    In the last 10 years the Broncos went 6-4 in the 3rd game of a season
    Of the six wins 4 were home 2 on the road. Of the 4 losses 3 were home once on the road.

    We lost an important part of the offense last week when Clady went down for the rest of the season.
    Still 4 games before Von Miller comes back, but the defense has managed to get pressure by blitzing.

    On the running game front Knowshon has been great for us while out there. He had two nice TD runs last week. I feel if he was just short of the goal line FOX would have tried pounding it with Ball instead.

    The offense has been impressive, esp in the 2nd half. We have score 90 point after two game, without scoring in the first quarter of those games. After seeing how bad the Giants have done this week, I am questioning how good of a win it was. We have not played a perfect game, but we are winning. I am hoping we plat smart football and hand it to Oakland. SO far in our games I have had the feeling that the only team that can beat Denver, is Denver.

    Kick butt Denver and keep pace with the others 3-0s

    Win Lose or Draw it should be a tough game. As always please follow the COC, report any violations to the Mod Staff so they may respond. Let's hope we stay healthy and end the day with a "W" GO BRONCOS
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    Can't wait. I been looking forward to this game for a while. i love it when we play division rivals. lets hope we come to play and never let the foot of the pedal.

    50-13 Broncs


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      We absolutely MUST win this game. No if's ands or but's. No TO's, and no injuries. Need to stop Darren McFadden and come out strong in the 1st qtr to force Pryor to throw.

      Go Broncos!!!!
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        GO DENVER!!!!!!!!


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          Control the running game and make Pryor throw to beat us should result in a win. I have a hard time seeing Oakland stopping our offense. We need to keep a close lookout on how Clark is doing, that could be telling of what the season will be like with him starting.


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            working for this game....

            Hope we kick the crap out of the raiders

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                GO Broncos!
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                  can't wait for this game... scheduled myself off for a monday! woop!


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                    Raiders Suck!!

                    GO BRONCOS!! I will be there with my wife shaking the cameras in defense and being quiet on offense!!

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                      Well I am hoping we don't let McFadden get his running game going. Best way to win, make them pass.
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                        I will be there, after a small debacle getting my tickets... but I'll be there nonetheless.
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                          offense must have a better 1st half no turnovers get a lead....then stop/slow the read option I agree make pryor throw to beat us n keep him in the pocket....hopefully get a pass rush w/ out having to blitz so much would help to...


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                            I think our rush D should dominate and we roll 45-14
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                              No injuries big win no injuries big win No injuries big win no injuries big win No injuries big win no injuries big win No injuries big win no injuries big win No injuries big win no injuries big win No injuries big win no injuries big win......

                              But hurting them is fact encouraged......just no injuries