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Official Game Day Thread: Week 12: 2013 Broncos vs Chiefs

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  • Official Game Day Thread: Week 12: 2013 Broncos vs Chiefs

    Hello Broncomaniacs,

    Here we are again, same as 2 weeks ago - for the division.

    Let's start this thing off

    How do we do in Week 12 games, we are 5-5 over the last 10 years
    Of the 5 wins 4 were on the road and 1 was at home, of the 5 losses 4 were on the road and 1 at home. SO we 4-4 on the road and 1-1 at home. Not that great.

    Speaking of not that great, that was last Sundays game. Amazing how much sports media was on the Patriots jocks after that game. Forget that there were 11 fumbles in the game, forget that the Pats gave up over 250 yards on the ground. The game plan was to run and pound the ball not have Manning try to throw it all over and it was working. They talk of cold playoff games, If not for one bad FG the Pats would have lost their last two playoff games in Jan to the Ravens. Last Sundays game came down to who would make the last mistake and it was Welker not signaling in time.
    SO we need to regroup and try to win in Arrowhead.

    The Chiefs D has been losing ground the last two week, Denver torched them and Phillip Rivers burned them at home last week. So either Denver will lose two in a row, or KC will lose 3 in a row (two at home) Some big stakes here. Justin Houston in out Tamba Hali is questionable. That should hopefully make it a little easier. Manning went un-sacked two weeks ago thanks to a game plan where he got the ball out in about two seconds and the O-line held up. We get the passes short, but maybe we will have time to let them develop more. One thing we do know is that it will be loud.

    The Chiefs lead the overall series 56-50 (On the road the Broncos are 16-36 in KC)

    It hurts that Wolfe will be out, but on the bright side:
    Coach Fox visited the team, Champ will be back on the field and it looks like Moreno and DRC will be on the field. Let's hope it is enough to turn the game in our favor. As I said many times earlier, only the Broncos can really beat the Broncos. The mistakes we made have cost us in the Colts and Pats game. Mistake this week can cost us the number one seed.

    We need to play aggressive but smart. We need to also try to keep Moreno healthy after the wear and tear he has been subject to as of late. Which is hard because every other running back can't hold on to the damn ball. Let's hope Manning can have a great game.

    Manning, Peyton TDS 36 INT 7 YDS 3,722 RTG 114.5

    Win Lose or Draw I hope it is a good game and we don't have any further injuries.

    As always please follow the COC, report any violations to the Mod Staff so they may respond. They do a great job of trying to keep the peace. Let's hope we stay healthy and end the day with a "W" and make it to 10-2 and take a step to winning the west and the #1 seed GO BRONCOS
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    The Broncos WIN and we have a turnover free game.
    :logo:Super Bowl Bound! AGAIN!! :smash:


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      GO BRONCOS !!!

      STOMP THE chefs !!!

      GO "D" --- SACK smitty !!!


      Denver 44
      chefs 13

      Welcome back Coach Fox !!!

      GO BRONCOS "D" !!!
      the chefs IN THEIR
      OWN HOUSE !!!


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        Go Broncos!!!!!!!!
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          Time to take over the AFC west and #1 seed for good!

          Go broncos!

          And please no INJURIES!!!!


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            A lot of pundits are surprisingly picking the Broncos. Not only that, but most are picking them to cover the 3.5 points they are favored by.

            I could see a 35-20 score. KC's offense looked a little better the last two weeks, and Denver's D will be a little softer in the middle without Wolfe and Vickerson. Von has been stepping up though, and with Champ, Harris, and DRC all playing, Smith may have trouble throwing.


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              Let's hope we play with an edge. We're angry and need to kick someone's butt. KC looks like you are in line.
              Let's start lighting up the scoreboard again!
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                Alright fellas!!! Let's get back on track and ride this thing all the way through the Super Bowl!!!


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                  Can't wait although it's definitely going to hurt not having Wolfe now, Ayers will need to step up!


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                    Let's go Broncos!

                    Team Broncos!
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                      I have a good feeling about this!

                      GO BRONCOS!!!

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                        Go Broncos!!!!!


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                          May we lay the smacketh down on Kansas City for the second time in three weeks!!! Let's put the NE loss behind us & get back on track to locking up the #1 seed in the AFC. GO BRONCOS!!!!!!!


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                            Originally posted by GoManning View Post
                            Let's go Broncos!

                            Epic Gif is EPIC!!! /winner


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                              <3 Moreno

                              Team Broncos!
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