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Official Game Day Thread: Week 10: 2014 The Broncos vs The raiders

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  • Official Game Day Thread: Week 10: 2014 The Broncos vs The raiders

    Hey Bronco fans,

    Hope everyone has recovered over the crushing loss in NE, hopefully we overcome it like last year to regain the top seed. Last weeks game has been analyzed to death and it is over and done with, so all we can do is move forward and try to win our next game, which this week is our beaten down AFC west rivals, the Raiders aka Faiders

    We need to have a decent game after last week. The Oline was manhandled vs the pass and run, but were far from the only reason we lost the game. The Raiders have been trying to battle against their opponents and have some talent on the team, we can't let them get on track this week. You know the Raiders would love to take down Manning and the Broncos.

    All time Broncos are 46-59-2 vs the Raiders. (23-31 on the road vs them) Last time we saw them was Week 17 to close out the season and cement the #1 seed.

    So how do we do in the 9th game of the season. It is one of our better weeks as went 9-1 in the last decade. We went 2-0 at home and 7-1 on the road. So the NFL usually give us road games around this time and makes the rival games. (2x raiders, 3 xchiefs, 1x chargers)

    We lead the Raiders in all offensive statistics, so let's hope we don't end up beating ourselves. Carr is the 22nd ranked QB in the NFL. He complete passes to 9 receivers last week. Also he has only been sacked 8 time, 5 of which came in the last 3 games.

    Denver's Pass D is ranked 14th. Von Miller ranked 3rd in the league in Sacks. Peyton will look to extend his games with a TD to 48. In the last 14 games he has thrown at least 2 So start him if you have him on fantasy Dt has 894 receiving yards (3rd in the NFL) and has 5 straight 100 yard games. Oaklands D is ranked 18th. Their run game is ranked 32 with only 2 rushing TDs all season.
    In 6 of 8 games they have rushed for 75 or less yards.

    I hope it is a good game, it shouldn't be a hard game for Denver, but upsets happen
    Win Lose or Draw As always please follow the COC, report any violations to the Mod Staff so they may respond. We should have less Patsie trolls around, so it should be alil less volatile. I hope everyone has a good Sunday and enjoys the game. As Always GO BRONCOS!
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    Thank You Elway and

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      Let's get that run game going, let's play stingy on defense, let's stay healthy & let's crush San Antonio!


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        Broncos Win !!!

        Broncos bounce back BIG at the BlackHole !!!

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          This is great change to get the team back on track. Hopefully last game served as a wake up call and the coaches addressed those problems for the remaining of the season.

          Let's GO BRONCOS!!!!!


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            Broncos GOOO!!!


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              My hopes are 1) We get a good enough lead to dominate the first half 2) give OZ some playing time in 2nd half 3) be free of injuries


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                I hate the Raiders...pound them silly!

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                  GO Broncos!
                  I really like Cheese.


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                        I know. Who cares.

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                        GOOO BRONCOS!!!

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                          Just them!!!

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                            go broncos!
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                              Let's go Broncos!