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Official Game Day Thread: Week 11: 2014 The Broncos vs The Rams

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  • Official Game Day Thread: Week 11: 2014 The Broncos vs The Rams

    Hey Broncofans,

    Welcome to another week of Bronco football. After a shaky start last week we got on track and put the Raiders back down on the black hole where they belong. Peyton threw for 5 TD which was just enough for me to win my fantasy week by 4 points. (whew!) He also set the record for most games with 5 tds!

    This week we face the Rams, a tough defensive team we haven't seen since Week 12 in 2010, a 36-33 loss that put us at 3-8 on a way to a 4-12 season and the End of McDaniels This will be our final game vs NFC West opponents in the regular season .

    Rams are doing a QB switch and have played tough at home, they were not afraid to pull anything out of the book and were able to beat the Seahawks with some gutsy calls. They have a very good coach in Jeff Fischer. Denver cannot afford to over look this game. We can't worry about what NE does we can only try to win our own games each week.

    Broncos are 7-3 when they play the 10th game of the season. Of the wins 5 were at home 2 on the road. Of the 3 losses 2 were at home 1 was on the road and all 3 were to the Chargers? (go figure)

    It will be interesting to see what happens in the run game Anderson was a great spark, Hillman is out and Ball should be back in. Rams held the Cardinals to 28 rushing yards last week. They have 16 sacks and 3 forced fumbled. 6 of those sacks are Robert Quinns.

    Manning has 29 TD passes this season and has thrown for a TD in 48 straight games. DT and Sanders are still on fire. DT just had his 6th game in a row off 100 or more receiving yards. He has over 1000 this year.

    Let us hope for a good game, and one that Denvers brings all 3 phases with them. We need to still work on various issues. Hopefully we end the day healthy and with a "W"

    Win, Lose or Draw as always follow the COC. Watch the language you post here and please do not attack other posters. Report any bad posts you see and contact any of the mods if you have questions. We normally do not have many Ram Trolls so lets hope we can all enjoy the game.

    As always GO BRONCOS!
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      GO BRONCOS! Let's make a statement.
      :logo:Super Bowl Bound! AGAIN!! :smash:


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        Go broncos!
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          Here's to 8-2!!
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            Broncos Win !!!


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              Here we go! lets do this! woop woop!

              sunday funday my favourite day of the week.

              Can't wait to watch this game tomorrow!


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                Broncos GOOOO!!!!!!


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                  We need to get going early, in the early slot, and then pour it on for 60 minutes.

                  GO BRONCOS!!!

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                    Go Broncos!!!!!!
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                      Go Broncos!!!
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                        I mean really, Bronco Football on a chilly November Sunday............ Nothing short of awesome!!!



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                          No injuries please and a good solid win today
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                            Hopin for a 100 yarder by CJ
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                              Let the offensive line do their job as run blockers & in pass protection. Stay injury free & come out with a win.