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Official Game Day Thread: Week 16: 2014 The Broncos vs The Bengals

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  • Originally posted by w1s3guyr1ck13 View Post
    I hate to say it but game seemed fixed. First half Bengals knew Denver play calls. Body language of Broncos was an i dont care attitude. They turned it on in third quarter to make it close and then shut down in the forth. The pick six, come on, Manning say the defender before he tossed it to him. Offensive line wasn't giving any effort. Special teams barely tried to cover kicks. CJ Anderson was the only one trying to win. He must not have got the memo.
    I don't think the things you pointed out are a result of the game being "fixed."

    1) The combination of Denver's offense being relatively predictable and the unwillingness of the coaches to mix it up makes Denver relatively easy to scheme for. Denver wins on execution alone - that is, it hopes all of its players can run the pick plays and the screens to perfection so that even if the other team knows what's coming, it can't be stopped. However, Championship teams win on execution and play calling - that is the coach schemes in such a way that even if the players aren't executing perfectly, there's enough variance in the calls to throw the opposing defense off.

    That being said, I do have to give credit to the coaches for changing things up to start the 3rd quarter after realizing that the offense being run in the first half was not working. Unfortunately, once Cincy adjusted to the "new" offense, Denver's coaches again failed to re-adjust. The most frustrating part is that Denver simply is not agile - it can be very good when its players execute perfectly and the scheme works; however, when the plan goes awry, Denver has no ability to adjust on the fly.

    2) The lack of effort has been there all season. Denver is still no tougher, despite what some may argue, than it was in the Seattle game. The same holds true - if Denver players get hit hard, or rattled (except, it seems, Sanders), they regress rather than fighting back.

    3) I doubt that the refs are "paid off." I think it's more likely that Vinovich and crew are just terrible. Again, how do you hire a college basketball referee to officiate pro football games? Let alone post-season games (last year)?


    • Originally posted by Hesky View Post
      I hate to be so negative, but this team hasn't shown anything to indicate they're capable of winning on the road in a hostile playoff type environment this season. The past two seasons I felt like the only team that could beat the Broncos were the Broncos themselves; that's no longer the case.
      i agree. manning and the whole team don't play as well and against good teams we get kicked bad... rams pats hawks and bungles... since this new offense, it can't score more than 20-24 pts... we are actually worst than before even at home... hate to say it, not surprised if we lose in first round... the bungles exposed some major weaknesses...