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Official Game Day Thread Week 4- 2015 Viking vs Broncos

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  • Official Game Day Thread Week 4- 2015 Viking vs Broncos

    Hello Broncomaniacs back for week 4 match up with the Vikings.

    Denver is coming off nice win in Detroit. Though the run game is the most pathetic in the NLF, the passing game showed signs of life. Manning finally connected on some longer throws, bit my favorite was the back shoulder to Daniels in the end zone.

    The D is as ferocious as ever, which means we are still getting some dumb roughness penalties instead of just making a play and moving on to the next one.

    We'll have to see how the Oline does this week as Harris is switching sides and Schofield is getting the start at right tackle. Hopefully he holds out an we can work out of the pistol again.

    So he we are 3-0 two road games under the belt, and a surging Vikings team coming in. AP has lit it up the last two weeks, returning to his old form. I think our D will be able to limit his some, I thought we gave up some runs last week that we should have defended better.

    So how do we do in game 4 of the season? Over the last decade we have went 7-3 (5 wins at home, 2 road wins) All three losses were on the road.

    In the last 20 years we are 3-2 vs the Vikings. We won Twice on the road and Once at home. The losses were one at home, one on the road.

    In 2011 we faced Minnesota and Tebow had one of his come from behind victories.
    IDec 2007 Jay Cutler led us to a "W" Actually the D held AP to 36 yards and in OT Dumerville recovered the fumble, and Elam in his last action as a Bronco kicked the winning field goal.
    In 2003 we lost to them in a game know for the Randy Moss hook and ladder move.
    We lost to them in 1999 and won in 1996.

    Good luck to Teddy Bridgewater vs that D. He may want to just hand it off and cower away. Let's hope we can keep this winning streak going.

    (I need it as my FF team is decimated/ non poductive) (Big Ben, Dez Byant, Victor Cruz, Alshon Jeffries, CJ Anderson)

    As each game day thread shows, emotions run can run high here, Help the The Administrators out and follow the COC. Link attached. They don't want to infract or ban you any more than you do.

    As I always: Go Broncos!!!! Looking forward to watching the game and see how we handle them!
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    First post! Go Broncos !


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      The Broncos’ O-Line is encumbered by injuries and inexperience working together.
      Fight hard O-Line and try to protect your QB !
      I’m looking for Denver’s “D” to get in Teddy’s face.
      Teddy will “feel” the pressure and make some big mistakes !!
      Denver’s “D” will keep getting the ball back for the Broncos’ Offense !!!.

      Broncos 42
      Vikings 13

      GO BRONCOS !!!

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        It's going to be ugly tomorrow!!

        GO BRONCOS!!!!

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          Got to sticky' one of these finally.

          Can't wait for this game! gonna be a good one


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            It's good to see Elway is still doing the game day thread.
            I'm going to stick with my "heart" prediction. Denver's D out scores Minnesota's offense.
            Denver 27-3
            Thank you to my grandfather jetrazor for being a veteran of the armed forces!


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              Go Broncos!


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                Originally posted by Remedy View Post
                Got to sticky' one of these finally.

                Can't wait for this game! gonna be a good one
                Thanks REM, I'm an equal opportunity thread starter, looks like you finally beat Peanut to one! :thumb:
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                  Oooooh wee I smell our first shut out this year! 27-0


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                    4 and 0 here we come!! GO BRONCOS!!!


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                      Go Broncos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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                        1st game this season that's not on TV for me, but I'll catch what I can on Redzone plus radio
                        Destroy the Vikes!!!


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                          go broncos!
                          I really like Cheese.


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                            Good Morning! It's Gameday!!! Thankfully Joaquin changed his mind and went East so we didn't lose power!!! Let's go Broncos!!!
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                              Go Broncos!
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