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Official Game Day Thread Week 6 - 2015 Broncos vs Browns

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  • The Sanders play had like 10 components to it. It turned out that it was incomplete because the tip of the ball touched the ground. But if he caught it he would have either been down by contact or out of bounds. Most likely out of bounds. He rolled and his foot touched out, but that would have been the best scenario at the time since McManus would have kicked the FG at very manageable distance.

    If he was down by contact, he would be be on the weekly goofball highlight reel for running into the end zone while the playclock was still running with no timeouts. I think he was a bit too confident that he wasn't touched and ran for a touchdown, and then just laid in the end zone. Luckily he avoided embarrassment.
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    • Finally got to watch it today ... ^^ I don't think he was down by contact, but out of bounds. His toe just touched out of bounds, had he not known he was out of bounds and laid there without taking it in for a touchdown attempt, then he would have looked foolish. I don't think there was anything embarrassing by him trying to run it in. He would have been on "C'mon Man" had it been a catch, and he wasn't out of bounds, and he laid there on the field and let the time run out. Nothing wrong with trying to take it just in case though.
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