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Official Game Day Thread Week 8 - 2015 Packers vs Broncos

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  • Official Game Day Thread Week 8 - 2015 Packers vs Broncos

    Welcome back Bronco fans, Hopefully you had a good bye week and a Happy Halloween!

    Rest time is over and it is time for football again. Hopefully we made good use of the bye because we have some tough matches ahead of us and it starts with the Green Bay Packers. Both teams are 6-0 , are coming off a bye, and Denver has some players that have healed up during that time.

    So lets looks at some facts and stats.
    In the last 20 years we have faced the Packers 5 times. Twice at home and 3 times away. We are 1-4. Our only win came in 1999 at Home, with Brian Griese as QB.

    We have played the following teams so far Ravens (1-6) - Chiefs (2-5) - Lions (1-6) - Vikings (4-2) - Raiders (3-3)- Browns (2-5) Whose combined records are (13- 27) A .325 winning percentage.

    If our defense is as good as we hope they are, they will have there work cut out for them. Rodgers lives up to the hype and is great at improvising when the play breaks down. He will run when he needs to but always looks for the open man and almost never makes a mistake. Manning has more passing yards than Rodgers, but Rodgers has 15 tds to Mannings 7. (10 if you count pick 6s) The Packers also have excellent receivers and a decent run game.

    Our offense cant quite say the same. I don't know if we tweaked anything, the offensive line has gotten better since the start of the season. The run game is not so quite horrendous. The passing game needed the most work. Manning's arm has appeared at time to have gotten weaker, the balls are wobbling a bit more and the decision making has been extremely questionable. This would be a good week to show improvement.

    So now lets take a minute to look at our Game 7 record. Over the last 10 years we have a woeful record of 2-8 in games 7. Of the 8 losses 4 were home (1 to the packers) , 4 on the road. The slightly better news is the 2 wins. Both were wins at home by Manning in 12 & 14. (in 13 he lost on the road to Indy)

    So is Peyton the same guy to win or not? Is the D as good as we think or not? Did we make good adjustments for the offense? This is a prime time statement game. We are 6-0 which is great, but is it a product of an early weak schedule? Last thing I want to see is the Packers blowing out the Broncos. IMO we are winning despite Peyton Manning. Has he had some game winning clutch drives. Yes. Was he the reason we needed some of them. Yes. He is far from the sole reason for the offensive struggles, but he is the easiest to point out. I hope he has his best game of the season for us. All I know is we have 10 more hard games in front of us, Cincy & NE among them.
    They both look more like a complete team than have up to this point.

    All we can do is try to take it game by game and hope Kubes and Elway know what they are doing.
    They have more inside knowledge than any of us, hopefully they are putting it to good use.
    As I do each and ever week I hope for the "W" I'll do so tomorrow night and watch every second of the game no matter the outcome.

    As this season has shown, despite being 6-0 the board has been more critical of the team and each other than ever before. You can disagree here, just don't attack each other for it. If we win great, if we lose maybe changes will be made to help us down he road. Either way please follow the rules of the COC and help the The Administrators out. Link attached.

    Hoping for a great game... and as always GO BRONCOS!!!
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    The Broncos got this


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      Recipe for win ... No turnovers, decent running game and contain Rodgers; mix in home field (Manning is 24-2 in Denver) and the special weekend with the '97 alumni and Bowlen added to the Ring Of Fame - heat up the defense in the 4th quarter until the Packers give up the ball makes a wonderful victory 24-19.



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        7-0 here we go!


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          No way we lose the game where Mr. B gets added to the ring of fame at halftime. The team will be jacked and ready to go! Take it to the bank.


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            I want to see a helicopter!!

            GO BRONCOS!!

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              Originally posted by Broncoholic JS View Post
              I want to see a helicopter!!

              GO BRONCOS!!
              Perhaps that will be the type of aircraft used for the flyover tomorrow...
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                Originally posted by Broncoholic JS View Post
                I want to see a helicopter!!

                GO BRONCOS!!
                Better YouTube John Elway helicopter if you don't have the Championship season on tape.


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                  Go Broncos.

                  Good night now, y'all sleep tight.


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                    Originally posted by Bocks View Post
                    No way we lose the game where Mr. B gets added to the ring of fame at halftime. The team will be jacked and ready to go! Take it to the bank.
                    That's the attitude the Broncos need.

                    Gooo Broncos!

                    Thanks, Elway, for another great post.



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                      GO BRONCOS !!!

                      STOMP THE packers !!!

                      GO "D" --- SACK aaron !!!

                      Broncos 42
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                        Go Broncos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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                          go broncos!
                          I really like Cheese.


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                            Tomorrow will pass soooooooooooooo slow go Broncos!!!!!!
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                              Tough call. Both teams look overrated. However, the Packers do appear to have a running game, and that means that Denver's top weapon, pass defense, will have less impact. Otherwise, it's a fairly even match -- Packers' good offense against Broncos' good defense, Broncos mediocre offense against Packers' mediocre defense. So, I'll predict a win for the Packers.
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