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Official Game Day Thread: Week 10 : 2015 Chiefs vs Broncos

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  • Official Game Day Thread: Week 10 : 2015 Chiefs vs Broncos

    Well Broncomaniacs here we are,

    Still off an ugly loss to Indy. Tough game to watch, it cost us a win and maybe Indy the rest of their season. The reffing was horrible, and we lost our composure on the defensive side. For his 3 stooges antics Talib has been suspended a game and Ware still has a hurt back.

    Hopefully we will get a fairer shake playing at home. The run game struggled as evidenced by Hilleman's 1 yard total, CJ fared slightly better, but not much. We ran 14 times for 35 yards. Owen Daniels was our leading receiver which is a statement in it self. At least the TE game has been more active the last 2 weeks.

    Still we had a chance in this game midway through the 4th. To me it is not Peytons arm strength that is an issue, I think he can get the job done physically. Mentally he mad made a lot, a lot of bad decisions. The 2nd Int being the icing on the cake, thanks to dumb defensive penalties we never saw the ball again. Manning had an underneath receiver he could have hit, but chose the deeper, more well cover receiver and it was ball game. The D had a less than stellar day and the combination of the 2 means a loss in the column.

    So we need to get back on the Bronco and back in the Win column, meaning we need to lay a beat down on the KC Chiefs. In the last 21 match ups against the chiefs we have played - We have won 15 of the 21 games, of the 6 losses 4 were away 2 at home.

    So how do we do in our 9th game of the season? Well in the last 10 years we have a remarkable record of 9-1. The one loss was on the road. Of the 9 Wins, 8 were on the road, 1 was at home, at that was against KC. See all is good

    We just need the D to step up, stop West in the run game, Contain Maclin in the pass game and lay a world of hurt in sacking Alex Smith. If Kubes can tell Peyton that 1-2 Ints a game is not part of the game plan, that would be cool too.

    I want Manning to get his passing yardage and most wins record. I want the Win vs KC, I want to see a run game, I want to see an aggressive D that can go a game with out getting a 15 yard penalty for unnecessary roughness. KC is not a power house, but they are not a pushover either. This will be a tough divisional game, and if we play stupid we will end up with another loss. Don't forget Andy Reid is 14-2 after a bye week.

    As last Sunday displayed again, emotions run can run high here, Help the The Administrators out and please follow the COC. Link attached.

    As always: Go Broncos!!!!
    Win the game and move towards winning the west. Be the team you should be.
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    Go Broncos!


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      Go broncos


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        Go Broncos !


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          GO BRONCOS !!!

          STOMP THE chefs !!!

          GO "D" --- SACK smith !!!

          Denver 42
          chefs 13

          GO BRONCOS !!!

          GO BRONCOS !!!

          GO BRONCOS !!!

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            Go Broncos!!!!!!!!!

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              Go Broncos!
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                Time to right the ship.

                Go Broncos!!!!!


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                  8-1 lets go!!


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                    Pretty confident that we beat the Chiefs at home. Their offense is not good, missing Charles and 'check-down' Smith scares no one. They only have 2 receiving options..... Maclin and Kelce, so this is a good game for Talib to be missing. Hopefully Harris can shut down Maclin and Tre/Ward can deal with Kelce.

                    Their D should be decent now Smith is back at corner, and Peters is dangerous. If Sanders is missing then we may struggle to pass the ball on them. I'm hoping we can run against them and use the middle of the field with OD and VD.


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                      Shall we summon our inner Clinton Portis for the running game tomorrow?

                      GO BRONCOS!!!!

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                        Go Broncos!


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                          Schefter has reported that Emmanuel Sanders is 50/50 to play, and will be a game time decision.


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                            I love AZ's prediction. I want us to come out and just dominate!!! Lets cook the chefs!!!
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                              well the offense needs to hold up its end today no scoreless 1st half, TD's in the redzone be good on 3rd down & no turnovers for once a good run game would help to...

                              defense no more dumb PF penalties, stay in the rush lanes keep smith in the pocket get him on the ground, hopefully some turnovers to n defend the bunch wr set better to...

                              coming off a bye they'll be ready & have fresh legs tough division game but I say will pull away late...