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Official Game Day Thread: Week 10 : 2015 Chiefs vs Broncos

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  • Originally posted by uncoalum View Post
    Brock has to be the starter next week, question about it.
    Yes I have a question about it. He has scored garbage time points. What makes you think he can do well the rest of the game. Remember Peyton scored garbage time points against the Hawks late in the game in the superbowl


    • Originally posted by Doogansquest View Post
      With Brock there is zero fear because he won't read a defense as well, won't be as accurate, and won't lead game-winning drives at the end. All of those are more important than movement. How is movement working for Rodgers the last 3 games? Newton, a guy who can move, has the 2nd least amount of pocket movement among QB's in the league. Why? Because movement leads to injuries, tired o-linemen, and busted plays. It's all about the pocket. The best QB's will ALWAYS be the ones who can do the work stationary.
      You mean like Elway was?


      • Originally posted by FL BRONCO View Post
        Wow Dungy just said Manning should sit for a couple of weeks and Kubes was quoted as saying he should not have played Manning-----We may just see a change
        I think through at least the Bears game it would be a good idea. I think he could use some rest, and hopefully heal up to finish up the season. I think Brock and Peyton both have the plus sides ... but Peyton has looked rough all season, and maybe a week or two on the bench would do us good for the remaining season.
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        • Originally posted by Broncos-R-Great View Post
          Patriots get all of the calls, it is what it is....
          There were actually some brutal calls against NE early in their game today...

          What makes it so easy for NE fans is not the refs' constant love but the fact they have by far the best HC/QB combo in the sport and have for some time...

          What makes it so frustrating for every NFL fan outside of New England is that Belichik and Brady are two of the most subtly despicable human beings in the league... cheating for years against equal or superior foes, running up scores against helpless weaker foes, walking off the field without shaking hands/congratulating the victor when they lose (Belichik in SB XLII –- the most classless move I've ever seen in 40+ years of watching the NFL).

          Belichik intentionally makes reporters' jobs harder at press conferences with his grim demeanor and lack of responses and Brady always lets the 'little guys' take the fall for his on-the-field transgressions (in NE and at Michigan) and has f-ed over every woman he's been with before Giselle (and probably her, too). They are just not good people so it's tough to stomach their success, whether they get the benefit of refs' doubts or not...


          • Kubiak will never be fired. He'll retire. He'll probably have the longest leash of any Broncos coach ever. Hopefully we wont be looking at it like that but, he and Elway are pretty much a match made in heaven. At least from their perspective...... and maybe mine too.

            If it was easy to build a championship NFL team, everyone would do it .......... lol. Fact is, only 1 can be world champs each season no matter how good your team is. It's tough, competitive business where luck DOES factor in.

            I believe in Kubiak's (shanny's) system. Kubiak is having to be someone he isn't quite because Manning is playing. And it's been the right choice. Even Tebow was the right choice back in the day. It had to run it's course. It's just the way it has to be. Eventually Kubiak will have this team where he can run it with his own vision and then .... it'll be ON.

            The Manning experiment was fun and I don't know why he's really bad this season except that he's old. So what do you do - give him the rest of this season and call it? Or just cut him short for the sake of winning despite his choice to come to Denver and help the Broncos be competitve the past 5 years. Do you thank him by allowing him to play out the season? Or do you only show loyalty to ..... 'best chance to win'. That's what I'm interested to see. Just where is the line going to be drawn
            The beatings will continue until morale improves....


            • Originally posted by kev5ifty6 View Post
              Gotta respect the deep ball
              For the most part, Manning has been pretty accurate with deep balls.


              • Originally posted by bobertlt29 View Post
                For the most part, Manning has been pretty accurate with deep balls.


                • Btw anyone who argued that call against NE is blatantly wrong

                  He did not complete the process of the catch and I love how the rule is....and I find it absolutely clear, blatantly clear

                  I don't get what is so confusing to most people about what is or is not a catch

                  It's simple. You have to control the ball throughout the entirety of the catch...through contact or through hitting the ground. SIMPLE.


                  • Originally posted by Broncoholic JS View Post
                    Heard the refs bailed out the Pats today. Took away a TD from NYG.
                    No they didn't. He clearly did not maintain control. Ball was knocked out as he came down with it. Simple, easy call.


                    • Originally posted by tonray View Post
                      I blame Elway and the coaching staff. They had all pre-season and practice for 8 weeks to see that Peyton was washed up and yet they continued to play him. That is just incompetence. You mean to tell me that Peyton was throwing bullets in practice, hitting everyone in stride and yet in games he sucks ? They all knew what was going to happen and let Kubiak. He is not a coach but a fool.

                      And Peyton....why would you embarrass yourself for a few meaningless could have retired after last year and be thought of much more highly. Now when I think of Peyton I think of the guy who pretended to be healthy and able just to get some personal records even though he knew he would be screwing his team....he should be ashamed of himself.
                      Seriously. The guy wanted to contribute to this team and win a Super Bowl. Even today he took blame for his poor play and didn't try to take the easy way out and blame the injuries.