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Official Game Day Thread: Week 13 : 2015 Broncos vs Chargers

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  • Official Game Day Thread: Week 13 : 2015 Broncos vs Chargers

    Hey Broncomaniacs,

    Ready for another week of Bronco football, I'm still gloating over beating the whiny Pats.
    I love how they felt cheated... Karma baby!

    Our boy Brock is 2-0 looking to make it 3. The run game has looked better the last 2 weeks. The O-line still has a lot of moments where they look like a turn style in their pass protection. Manning is still in rehab, not sure what will happen when and if they get him back in the line up, but Brock has shown so far that he can handle himself out there. He does not target one receiver, he spreads the ball out. Even though DT had the yips he still tried to get him the ball in that last crucial drive. Sanders was money out there and the TE's have become a bigger part of our game. I don't always see Brock go through his progressions before throwing. When he does throw the ball it is a tight quick spiral and comes in hot. So now he gets his chance on the road again, this time vs the Chargers.

    The Chargers won last week, making them 3-8. They won't make the playoffs, which means they have nothing to and try to play the role of spoiler for whomever is left on their schedule. Rivers has 23 TDs this year, he hit Gates for 2 last week. They are probably upset we beat them the last 3 times we played. Knocking them out of the playoff in the division round and then sweeping them in the regular season last year.

    That was with Manning, this is Brock. No Fox and Del Rio this time around, we got Kubes and Phillips. We need the D to stay strong and play smart. Any given Sunday, we just can't let it be theirs.

    So in the 12th game of the season, over the last decade we posted a 6-4 record. Of the 6 wins, 5 were on the road. So that is a good sign. Of the 4 losses 3 were on the road. We are actually improving in our 12th game record. We have won 6 of the last 7 week 12 games.

    I know we are feeling good right now, but we have 5 games to go, and fighting for a bye week. We have not won the West and KC is still there. We have a 3 game lead with 5 to play. It is an emotional time, so as always please follow the COC.

    Again thanks to all the Bronco fans who come here to week after week and post and be a part of game day. We're all in this together. Let's hope Brock keeps the streak going and we avoid injuries.
    As always. GO BRONCOS!!
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    GO BRONCOS !!!

    STOMP THE doltz !!!

    GO "D" --- SACK phyllis !!!


    MAKE phyllis POUT, WHINE AND CRY !!!

    GO "D" !!! - GO "D" !!! - GO "D" !!!

    The doltz are tied for second with the chefs and faiders for my most despised team behind #1 cheatriot pansies !!!

    Denver 42
    doltz 13

    GO BRONCOS !!!

    GO BRONCOS !!!

    GO BRONCOS !!!

    GO BRONCOS !!!

    May God Bless all men and women of our Armed Forces, past and present
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      Let's B-Rock and Roll!!!!!!!


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        Brocket Launcher ready to fire!!!


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          Brock Lobster engaged!
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            the Broncos are Brocked n Loaded


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              Go Broncos. Zap them dolts!! We can finally root for #17!!


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                I am so ready to watch us kick butt again!!

                GO BRONCOS!!!

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                  I'm a Chargers fan, so the only thing I have to root for is for my team to lose enough games to get the #1 draft pick. They screwed up last week by beating Jacksonville, but I'm hopeful your Broncos can get the job done tomorrow.

                  Go Broncos!


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                    is it sunday already? Good grief.


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                      Will be in Chicago for the day with family, so probably won't get to see this one. Anyways, will be a tough test with some key defensive players out this week.

                      Go Denver!


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                        Gooo Broncos!

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                          Go Broncos!!! Hope the defense plays lights out, even without Sly, Ward, and Ware, and hope Brock has his best game yet.
                          To infinity...and beyond.


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                            After this:
                            I'm confident we got this. Go Broncos!!!!!!!
                            Superbowl 50 Champions!


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                              I can't wait to watch this one!

                              goonnna be a goooood one.

                              Love watching the Chargers get smashed by our boys!