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Official Game Day Thread: Week 14 : 2015 Raiders vs Broncos

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  • Official Game Day Thread: Week 14 : 2015 Raiders vs Broncos

    Welcome Broncomaniacs.

    At the 3/4 turn we are 10-2. A record we share with Cinci and NE. Important to note because all three teams are trying for the # 1 seed and the bye week. Unfortunately Cinci and Denver face off with each other, so NE still has a good shot at the bye week. Both Cinci and Denver face Pitt in the final 4 weeks which can also screw things up for both. Denver plays 3 of their final 4 at home, the road game left though is Pitt.

    So we need to try and win out, four games to go, next up the Raiders. Jack Del Rio's squad looked good for a few weeks, Carr was making plays with Cooper and Crabtree. Raiders are pretty much dead and buried (again) but can play the role of spoiler which they would love to do.

    Denver didn't quite light it up last week. The Defense was on fire, but after an opening TD drive, the offense managed to score 3 points the rest of the game. We should have put it on SD, we didn't the concern is the following two game vs Pitt & Cinci. We need to get the offense back on track.

    So on the last 10 years we have a 7-3 record in the 13th game of the season (of the 7 wins 6 were at home, all 3 losses were on the road) We have won the last 4 years in game 13 at home so that is a plus.

    Peyton is still out, Brock still starting. Under Brock the running game has improved and the TEs have been more involved. Dt had a better game last week, hopefully he improves this week as well. Brock has been solid, but not spectacular. Looking for more dynamic play out of him, but he has a nice deep ball and for the majority has avoided making the big mistake.

    All time Broncos are 49-59-2 vs the Raiders. (25-31 on the road vs them)
    The Raiders have lost the last 8 times they have faced us. Hoping we keep the streak alive. We can't afford to overlook any team. I don't get the feeling Kubes is looking past anyone. The D played hard vs San Diego and will be on file for Oakland as well.

    KC has kept the pressure on, We have a 3 game lead with 4 to go. The good news if we win and KC loses we win the west. If we win and Pitt or the Jets lose we still secure a playoff spot which is goal # 1.

    Need the win first. I'll be rooting the whole time. I want to see domination by our team for 60 minutes. Anything can happen. Philly screwed up NEs week, so Any Given Sunday is alive and well.
    Please keep the COC in mind. Link attached.

    So as I always end my posts, Lets hope for a good game, that we leave the game healthy and with the "W" Go Broncos!!!
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    Operation clinch playoff spot! GO BRONCOS!!!


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      Yo Elway and JJack !!!
      GO BRONCOS !!!

      STOMP THE faiders !!!

      GO "D" --- SACK carr !!!

      Denver 42
      faiders 13

      GO BRONCOS !!!
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        Go Broncos!! Send the Raiders packing.


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          "Oh no, that's not my child has a face!"

          GO BRONCOS!!!!!

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            go broncos!
            I really like Cheese.


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              Speaking of the Chiefs putting pressure on. Anyone else think that has actually been an impact in our hard fought play? Yes, fighting for a bye and homefield is very important, but it's human nature to think, "well, at least we still will win the division and have a first round home game." However, with the Chiefs keeping pressure on, there would be a good chance we wouldn't have made the playoffs had we lost a few and lost the division. Now, it would be tough for us not to make the playoffs. But three weeks ago? That was a real possibility if we lose to the pats and slipped up at Chicago. Just a thought.


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                Hopefully,the Steelers and Chargers win today
                I support Kaepernick 100%


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                  It's time to Rock n Roll or as is becoming popular, BRock n Roll. Stomp the Raiders.

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                    All blues today. Go broncos!


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                      Let's go beat the
                      The Bronco fan pledge;
                      I am a Broncos Fan and I believe
                      I believe in Mile High Magic and bleed Orange and Blue.
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                      I create the THUNDER, share the common dream, and will forever be a proud citizen of
                      Bronco's Country.

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                            Originally posted by EddieMac View Post

                            love those may use 1 to show my friend whose a faider fan


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                              we need more out of the passing game today be better on 3rd down n need red zone TD's...

                              defensively stop the run, get carr on the ground n hopefully a couple turnovers to...a ST's return or 2 would help also

                              I pray its an injury FREE game we cant afford anymore of them