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Official Game Day Thread: Week 15 : 2015 Broncos vs Steelers

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  • Originally posted by Bradley22 View Post
    Actually the year Manning won the Super Bowl the defense was horrid most of the year period ! Manning carried them to get into the playoffs, the defense finally gelled come playoff time and played very well. lets see verse the saints Manning went into half time leading the game, and getting the ball back 2nd half, and Saints kicked a onside kick that are HC definitely was not prepared for. Once again Manning carried them most of the game, but all you remember is the int. he thrown at the end of the game trying to carry his team and his piss poor HC. The last I checked Seattle scored 40 plus points on our defense that game, and the defense had no answer either and FOX looked like a deer in headlights the whole game.
    Again, greatest regular season quarterback of all time. Why does that accomplishment make you uncomfortable?

    You can spin it every which way but it comes down to a simple truth. Peyton has played like an average quarterback in every super bowl he has been in. The one he did win, the defense and running game carried him. He was one busted coverage away from having one of the worst qb showings in recent super bowl history.

    The Saints loss, he had a chance and he threw it away. That's a fact, not some twisting by mean people trying to make Peyton look bad.

    The Seattle loss was not as big of a surprise as some make it out to be. Finesse offenses have always been stopped the same way, physical defenses. We had the poor luck of having the best offense ever in a year that a big physical defense could get away with murder. Peyton looked like a dear in the headlights as well. He threw a pick six early in the game. He wasn't the sole reason we lost but I wouldn't count him a hero let down like the narrative his fans try to build. Funny thing is, only his fans buy this stuff.
    Anonymity is cowardice, and cowards are not known for their wisdom.


    • Originally posted by JJBroncoFan View Post
      It does deserve credit, and Manning is often regarded as the greatest regular season quarterback of all time. That's an accomplishment in itself.

      If anything your post highlights why he is regarded that way, but it surely doesn't dispute it. If I am not mistaken he has more one and done years in the playoffs then anyone ever? That is attributed to the team around him though, never Peyton himself. Yet, he plays bad in the playoffs the year they win the super bowl and is carried by the run game and defense throughout, hypocrisy. He owes his lone super bowl to the very group everyone blames his shortcomings on.

      As far as why the defense was mostly horrid, that couldn't have anything to do with the team putting all their eggs in Peyton's basket could it? Aside from Mathis and Freeny the majority of the money was spent on Peyton and his offense. It's so surprising the defense wasn't number 1 every year.

      None of that is elementary, it's the truth, you not liking it is irrelevant. The guy gets all the glory and none of the blame, that sounds not like fans, but a cult like following imo.

      Are you purposely putting your head in the sand? Why do you keep insisting he played bad in his Super Bowl winning year? Biggest AFC championship comeback in NFL history. Super Bowl MVP in a rain storm. Played against elite defenses. He wasn't carried. It's not hypocrisy. It was a full team effort. He didn't do it by himself...but without him, they had zero chance. Yes, you are right. The Colts were built with an inherent flaw. Their defense were always fool's gold. They could never stop the run on a consistent basis and the Colts always lost the TOP. Their special teams were non-existent. But so that's Manning's fault that the front office is incompetent? I mean, that's the same front office that drafted the likes of Donald Brown, Anthony Gonzalez, Jerry Hughes, gave away a 1st for Trent Richardson (after proving to be a bust), etc. I'm Surprised they didn't draft Ryan Leaf instead.

      In his Super Bowl and playoff losses...they did not have team efforts. It's that simple. He's had some letdowns no doubt...he's also had some horrible luck. And when he needed his team to pull their weight...they consistently let him down. Over and over again. Can't convert third and one's running. Defense can't stop Mark Sanchez from a 2 minute winning drill. Rahim Moore drunk on a play. Hank Baskett dropping an onside kick. Vanderjagt missing every important kick in the playoffs. Big Ben tackling a Colt who was previously stabbed by his girlfriend early that week to prevent a touchdown. 2 special team returns for touchdowns on kickoffs from the opposing team in Super Bowls. If there was ever a guy cursed in the playoffs with bad luck, it's Manning.

      Brady is actually a great example. When he started out...he was part of a complete team that was just solid in every facet of the game. He built a reputation for being clutch, which was well deserved. But once they started to lose their depth and defensive mold, and made Brady the guy who carried the team...what happened? His playoff record came crashing down. Without those dominant defenses...his playoff record was average. He lost 2 Super Bowls, and if Pete Carroll runs the ball, he's 0-3. He can't do it by himself. Manning can't and hasn't done it. Elway didn't do it. Montana didn't do it.

      No QB can do it himself. What more could Elway have done in that 55-10 drubbing? Was that his fault? No of course not. Then why is it Manning's? For one player, you will look to try and analyze what went wrong. For the other? Not so much.


      • Manning will get eaten alve,,,,,, our OL will not be able to protect him at all...... if / when he starts I give it 3 series before he will be riding the cart to the locker room.