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Official Game Day Thread: Week 17 : 2015 Chargers vs Broncos

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  • Official Game Day Thread: Week 17 : 2015 Chargers vs Broncos

    Hey Broncomaniacs,

    Here we are the final regular game of the 2015 Season. SO much on the line. We could be the one seed, or the 2nd,3rd,5th or 6th. What a strange position for a team that did not even get a playoff spot until Monday night.

    It has been a very weird season for us. We beat Green Bay, the Pats and Bengals at home and lose to KC and Oak at home. Here is hope we break the trend of losing to AFC west teams at home and beat the Chargers.

    Chargers have had a rough season, I am sure McCoy and Rivers would like to go out on a win. We thumped them pretty good a few weeks ago, they want some pay back. Weddle is out so that is a plus. Hopefully we didn't spend all our energy on Monday night. The Chargers meanwhile have had 10 day to get ready for us.

    Watching what goes on on the other games is a distraction. We need to win and secure at least the 2nd seed. We can't control anything that happens to the Pats, Cinci, or KC. Win the game. Win the West, Get the bye.

    Hopefully we do not play tight with so much on the line. The D looked awful the first half vs Cinci. The offense really had no time to even get in sync. Halftime adjustments were made (finally). The D caught fire, Brock got into rhythm against the Bengals D. With the score tied Brock drives for a winning score - CJ fumbles. Brock gets the ball back, drives for the winning score, McManus shanks it. We go to OT, Brock for the 3rd time drive for the winning score. We get the FG and after the refs blow the call on AJ's fumble, we get the ball off the bad snap.

    The run game looked good, esp with CJ in there. DT made some good plays (some under duress), Owen Daniels was clutch. (I can't believe I wrote that)

    How do we end the season? Well over the last decade we have went 6-4. Of the 6 wins, 4 were at home. Of the 4 losses - 3 were at home. In 2010 we lost our final home game to SD. Anything can happen.

    The last 3 games we have won. 17-3, 22-10, & 35-21.

    Then there is the Manning factor. Many think if we lost last week he would get the start this week. Not sure if that would happen, but it appears he is healthy enough to be the back up. Hopefully Brock gets the win and avoids injury. I'd rather not have Peyton trying to shake the rust off with a bye week on the line.

    Hopefully this is one of those weeks where all 3 phases contribute. We need McManus to make the money kicks, we need Colquitt to get some decent distance on the punts. The D has sluggish periods and then catches fires (sometimes in reverse order) The O-line needs to play well to open the running lanes and give Brock time to go through his reads. Brock seems to keep his composure and will throw the ball to whomever. If you are out there, there is a chance he will try to hit you.

    With so much on the line heading into the playoffs, It is an emotional time, so as always please follow the COC.

    I do know one thing though, we will have another game day thread this season, whether is is next week or the week after! We made the playoffs, now we need to secure our spot and take care of business.

    Again thanks to all the Bronco fans who come here to week after week and post and be a part of game day. Let's hope Brock keeps the streak going and we avoid injuries and get the bye
    As always. GO BRONCOS!!
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    End the regular season on a win!!

    Please Lord no injuries.


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      GO BRONCOS !!!

      STOMP THE doltz !!!

      GO "D" --- SACK phyllis !!!

      Broncos 42
      doltz 13

      GO BRONCOS !!!

      Von Miller has heard enough. No flag btw
      — Judson Richards (@Judson1360) December 7, 2015
      Von Miller explains the end of game trash talking with Philip Rivers.
      — Arran Andersen (@arranandersen) December 7, 2015

      All that trash talk between Rivers and Broncos defense was just some good old fashioned fun.
      Derek Wolfe and Malik Johnson had much fun.
      — Vic Lombardi (@VicLombardi) December 7, 2015

      Wolfe says he has all the respect in the world for Rivers.
      But his constant yapping made the Broncos come at him even harder.
      — Vic Lombardi (@VicLombardi) December 7, 2015

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        Great write up as always, Elway!

        It's interesting to be a Broncos fan around here. Strangers are stopping me and talking about our QB situation. It's been fun. Ravens' season has made it nice, too.

        Good Broncos!!!

        I'm on my tablet and can't sticky the thread. It will be done before the game.

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          Let's see lots more of this:

          Superbowl 50 MVP Von Miller on February 7th, 2016


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            Im really excited for this game so much its hard to sleep. I think we learned from the Pitt loss and keep focus. Id love to see Vernon get one last chance to make a big play. His blocking has been pretty good from what Ive seen and he has so much talent but maybe its true about his heart and effort. If hes already good as gone lets get Virgil Green going as we actually have 3 really solid TEs. Hopefully we can get the win and keep getting healthy on D with Marshal and TJ needing more time to get to 100%.


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              Let's lock up that bye and get healthy. Our Safeties especially need it. Get good momentum, get the bye (pray Miami pulls off a miracle), get healthy, just win baby.

              Oh side note I'm in the Championship game for fantasy so a shut out with multiple D scores would be great
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                I hate that this is the last game of the season. It's tough to do without my bronco fix weekly but if the season has to end tomorrow let's go out with a bang and storm into thr playoffs to kick everyone's tail.

                Last game against the chargers before they go to Los Angeles...we need to win this go broncos!!!!


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                  All I want is a full 4 quarters of good play. It doesn't even have to be great play. I just want to see good efficient and consistent play throughout the game. Hopefully that will lead to me not wanting to pull my hair out by the end of the game.


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                    I want to see total domination of the bolts.......... I want them to eat sod all day. want the sore tired and stumbling after 60 minutes ..... I want to see us win by 25 points,, I want to see rivers whimpering and throwing temper tantrums,,,,,,,,, but I will settle for a 1 point victory
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                      Can't believe it's week 17 already.
                      I shall be following this game like a hawk on the Redzone channel!

                      Go Broncos!


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                        Go broncos!
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                          Go Broncos!


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                            BLAM! BLAM!
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                              Go Broncos! Beat the Chargers! Let's win the division and secure the bye week!
                              Superbowl 50 Champions!