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Official Game Day Thread: Week 1: 2016 Panthers vs Broncos

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  • Official Game Day Thread: Week 1: 2016 Panthers vs Broncos

    Hellllllooooooo Broncomaniacs!!!!

    It's time!!!! The 2016 Football Season is about to begin! (Is this a good looking board or what?)

    Sanders just got an extension. We get some special Programs about the Broncos tonight, "Worth the Wait", "Americas Game." and "Peyton's tops 10 games." Tomorrow night we start the defense of the title.

    There is a saying, "May you live in interesting times." That would sum up our off season. We are the first team since the Ravens to win the Superbowl and start the next season without our top 2 Qbs. We lost some defensive pieces, picked up Paxton Lynch in the Draft, fought with Von Miller over his contract and picked up and got rid of Mark Sanchez.

    We also managed to celebrate our Super Bowl 50 Win over the Panthers a little bit. I know my household memorabilia increased by a few pieces. Which starts us off with the NFL deciding what better way to start the season but to hold a Superbowl rematch in Denver. GAME ON!!!

    In the last 10 years we have went 7-3 on Opening Day. The first 5 years of those in a row were played on the road, the last 5 years we opened at home. We went 3-2 on the road games and 4-1 at home. In fact we won the last 4 opening days at home. Hoping we make it 5!

    So we have the pride of Northwest starting for us , Trevor Siemian. We have most of our D back in place. The offensive line should at least be a little better that last year. I love our depth at WR. Yes we have some questions here, but Kubiack and staff will do the best they can to answer them with the team we have.

    Last year was a heck of a ride, so many up and downs, and to see how it all ended with Super Bowl 50 was amazing. This year will be different but have many ups and downs as well. This team will fight though, it is their nature. My hope is that the offense is able to help compliment that Defense.

    So were about to get the Miller-Newton showdown again. Should be one heck of a battle. Josh Norman is no longer with the Panthers so I am hoping for more production out of DT. He was great all last season, but seemed to fade in the post season.

    Going to be interesting to see how Denver comes out. It will be important to establish the run game. CJ can't handle it all and the last two seasons has started of slow. Hillman is gone so we will need our back ups to step up. We will need to let Siemian cut loose sometimes and throw it. Everyone knows we will run, use some play action and roll outs to move the ball. The play calling will need to have some wrinkles and be dynamic to keep us moving forward.

    Carolina has been salivating about this game. They were the "best team" last year and we humiliated them in the biggest game. They want pay back big time. They want to come in and ruin our celebration. Cam will use his legs and arm. They will try to run the ball hard against us. They will be on fire. I'm looking for our D to be the extinguishers. I have no predictions about this game. I watched the entire preseason and still don't know how we will do now that the games count. So many things we could discuss, but let's get this thread on a roll!

    All I know is that we are in for a heck of a show.

    As a reminder, please be mindful of what you post. The mods do a great job here and can never receive enough thanks for the work they do. Please follow the COC and help make their jobs easier. To each and every fan here, Thank you for helping making this board great. As always looking forward to a great season. GO BRONCOS!!!
    The Game Day Thread: Year 18 in progress!!!

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    Foot. Ball.

    Let's get it on. Broncos for the win!

    I'm excited to see the full implementation of Kube's offense, for Siemian, how the OL will work together and football!!

    Or offense changed so much this of season that this game seems like less of a rematch of the SB. It's just one step to the post season.


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      It will be interesting to see if Kubiak will take advantage of the "run-first offense with inexperienced QB" theme to call some deep shots early against those rookie CBs. The Panthers have a stout front seven and our OL will probably need some time to work well together. That secondary might be their weakness and Siemian will have to let it rip.

      I also want to see what the Panthers offense has learned from the SB loss. I thought they executed a very poor game plan in that game, giving up on the running game too early and making Newton hold the ball too much in the pocket against an elite pass rush. We had no offense and pretty much punted the ball to let our defense make plays. What if the Panthers had done the same, running the ball, being conservative, punting back and forcing Peyton to drive down the field and score?

      I expect the Panthers to call plays that develop quicker, making Newton get rid of the ball faster. He can't stand there in the pocket staring downfield with those OTs blocking one-on-one for 3+ seconds. Their aggressive calls in the Super Bowls resulted in key sacks with forced fumbles. Will they play safe to avoid turnovers, punt the ball back and force Siemian to get something going?

      Can't wait.


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        So happy to see this thread!!! Go Broncos.

        That is all.
        To infinity...and beyond.


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          It is going to be one for the record books!!!

          My prediction.....Denver wins 27-24 with a game winning 53 yard FG by money McManus

          All I hear is how the Panthers offense is all the way back and healthy with all their weapons now and how Cam and the run game is so dominant and blah blah blah........

          You know the last time I remember everybody thinking Denver had no chance because of how great this Panther team is, well, I'm sure nobody here needs to be reminded of how that game ended

          What about how Denvers D is all healthy? the same defense that swallowed up and spit out the "best offense in football"

          What about how Denvers offense is better now at any point they were last year. Running game is going to be successful in this game and it is going to keep Carolinas D in check opening up play action and screen passes. It will be hard fought and and competitive but the better defense will emerge as victors.


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            Originally posted by Lumiere View Post
            So happy to see this thread!!! Go Broncos.

            That is all.
            Happy it was finally time to post it and get this Bronco season kicked off!
            The Game Day Thread: Year 18 in progress!!!


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              Go Broncos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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                Gooooooooooooo Broncoooooooosssssssssssssss


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                  Go Broncos!
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                    This thread makes me happy. Game day chat room returning would make me even more happy. Just saying.


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                      Wow is it really here! :thumb: here's to another extraordinary season


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                        Finally!!!!! Let's Go Broncos!!!!!
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                          What an extraordinary season it was 2015. My most memorable season as a NFL fan. I'm sure it was the same for many of you all. Let's hope the 2016 season is just as good if not better! Go Broncos!


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                            Elway thanks for the game day thread!

                            Enjoy the game everyone - drive safe :thumb:

                            GO BRONCOS


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                              BLAM! BLAM! BLAM!

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