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Official Game Day Thread: Week 3: 2016 Broncos vs Bengals

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  • Official Game Day Thread: Week 3: 2016 Broncos vs Bengals

    Hello Broncomaniacs,

    Welcome to week 3. Getting this out a little earlier today as I will be out with the family tonight.

    The Broncos won another game that was close right up to the end. With the Colts defense being depleted as they were, this game should have much been a much bigger win for Denver. We appear to be good between the 30s than have issues. The offense scored 1 TD, The defense 2. At some point that will come to bite us in the butt. The offense needs to do more. Yards are great, points are better. Trevor has 1 TD to 3 Ints in two games. Kubiack needs to let the reigns off some and see if he can make plays. With the WRs that we have, we should have been testing Indy deep last week. We are going to have a tougher time on the road vs the Bengals

    In fact in the last 14 games Dt has only one 100 yard receiving game. Sanders has two. Winning is great, but last week we started hearing about their frustration. (I was hoping it wouldn't be this soon) Last year we averaged 248.1 yards passing a game, this year 222. Siemian has 2 passes over 20 yards. One was incomplete, the other an interception. Add to that the play calling at times has been so cautious and conservative that it makes John Fox look adventurous.

    Bengals are coming off a tough road loss to a division opponent and are playing their home opener. They don't want to go 1-2 on a short week as they play the Thursday night game this week as well. So that means we have a tough task ahead of us. The Bengals gave us a rough time at Mile High last year, and we lost to them two years ago in Cincy as Peyton had a multi interception night. The last 3 mathchups 2015 Denver 20-17. 2014 Cincy 37-28. 2012 Denver 31-23.

    So how do we do in our game # 3 of the season? Well in the last 10 years (Kubes/Fox/McDaniels/Shanny) We sport a
    a meager 5-5 record. On the five win 3 were at home 2 on the road. Off the five losses3 were at home 2 on the road. This is a tough match up. The secondary will be tested. AJ Green is still a major threat, he scored on Talib last time when he was doubled covered. Harris will be assigned Tyler Boyd for most of the day per reports. TE Eifert is listed as doubtful. Hill and Bernard will try to loosen the D up. Bernard is averaging 4.2 yards a rush on 10 attempts.

    Our D will need to keep up the intensity of the last 2 weeks. Hopefully it will ring true the Defense travels well.

    I like our O-line, I like the run game. I see improvements there already over last year. The question is can we get the passing game up to where it can compliment the D, not hinder it. I want to see progress in Siemian and better play calling from Kubes. More roll outs, bootlegs or heaven forbid a toss sweep out there. Also we have a full back, don't be afraid to use him more in short yardage. The Bengals have allowed the most rushing yards this season, so there should be some chances for CJ to get his yards.

    Let's play hard, let's get pressure on Dalton. They are a pass happy team so balls will be there for the taking. Most of all lets see some progress while getting the "W"

    As a reminder, please be mindful of what you post.Let's make it easier for the mods so they can enjoy the game as well. Please follow the COC and thank you for helping making this board great. As always looking forward to a great season. GO BRONCOS!!!
    The Game Day Thread: Year 18 in progress!!!

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    We pull out another win. Go Broncos!

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      Have fun with the family, Elway!!

      Thanks for doing this.

      Go Broncos!!!

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        Dalton is in the top five quarterbacks who get rid of the ball quickly. He gets rid of the ball very quickly, it's out of his hand within 2.5 seconds of the snap.

        However Dalton has only been blitzed on 20% of his drop backs this season. I expect the broncos to blitz him on at least 50% of those drop backs and the only reason I see them taking this chance is because Denver has an extremely talented secondary that can blanket his wide receivers, and that includes AJ Green.

        This should be a very interesting game being that Dalton has an injured foot, I don't see him stepping outside of the pocket too often which means if there is inside push up that the middle from our defensive line this week, Dalton could be in trouble.

        Go Broncos


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          To bad cinci can't win


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            We have become so good we have Pats* fans monitoring our success.


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              BLAM! BLAM!

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                Big game, it would be real nice to get the W!!!


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                  Here's a little luck for tomorrow

                  Stay positive during the game folks


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                    Goooooooooooo Broncooooooooooossssssssssss


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                      GO BRONCOS !!!

                      SMASH THEM

                      IN THE MOUTH

                      GO "D" --- SACK dalton !!!

                      Broncos 42
                      bungles 13

                      May God Bless all men and women of our Armed Forces, past and present
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                        GO Broncos!!
                        I really like Cheese.


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                          Go Broncos, beat the Bungles!


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                            Just saw this on ESPN:

                            In our last 5 games, the defense played elite QBs

                            2015 - DIV Ben 0 TD, 0 INT
                            2015 AFC. TB 1 TD, 2 INT
                            SB Cam 0TD 1 INT
                            2016 WK1 Cam 1TD 1 INT
                            2016 WK2 Luck 1 TD 1 INT

                            And gave up a combined 3 TDs and caused 5 INTs.

                            That is freaking unbelievable. I'll take our dirty defense any day!!

                            Let's do it again boys!
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                              Sack Dalton and often and good things can only happen.

                              Go Broncos!